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Walker's Game ear Slim Shooter Series of Razor electronic muffs.

Review: Walker Game Ear Razor Electronic Muffs

Hearing protection is somewhat of a sensitive subject to me, especially after getting my first set of hearing aids before age 50. My problem is a frequency loss resulting in tinnitus (ringing)—otherwise known by many in my profession as “gun writer’s disease.” Whether the cause was my fault, military or professional service, or hereditary is a matter for debate, but the performance of Walker’s Razor Series is not.

Hearing protection is a must when shooting

Women Afield — Listen Up!

Ear protection is one of those “must-have” items for the shooting range or in-the-field shooting scenarios such as hunting. The world of hearing protection now available for today’s shooters has improved drastically over the last 20 years. If you are on the range today, you see everything from high-end electronic hearing protection to throwaway orange foam earplugs and several options in between.