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Smith and Wesson Shield 9mm top vs. .45 ACP bottom

Choosing Your First Handgun

The most common question presented to trainers, writers, and the family ‘gun person’ is, “Which handgun should I purchase for personal defense?” The bottom line is dependent upon the shooter and how much or how little time, effort, and training will go into the final choice. There are many firearms that are well suited to personal defense. But the student differs mentally and physically, and so should the choices each individual makes. The first step is individual research and study.

Walther PPQ Blue LEO Training airsoft gun

Airsoft Training With Umarex and Rubber Dummies

During a recent training with Craig Douglas of ShivWorks, I was introduced to the world of realistic training with the help of airsoft guns. I really had no idea the high quality airsoft trainers were so realistic, accurate, or well made. Essentially, this type of practice allows regular and higher risk live training to be done with the airsoft gun to minimize risk to a negligible level. I still believe that a year spent dry-fire practicing will net more advantage than weekly range trips with live fire, but I believe airsoft holds a legitimate place between those two extremes.

Black box with red and gold lettering of JHP training loads 50to a box on a white background

Train and Defend Ammo

Train and defend are simple watchwords. About 99 percent of the ammunition we fire is in practice. Competition shooting takes a lot of ammunition, although staying sharp also demands its share. The problem often is finding a good practice load.