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Measuring a 1911 pistol with an electronic caliper

1911 Handguns: How to Fit a Barrel

OK, you ordered your Storm Lake or Wilson Combat Barrel—what comes next? The 1911 is easily our most popular handgun, and without a doubt, the most modified. While the Browning Hi Power, Tokarev, CZ 75, and Beretta 92 have also been built in the millions, none have been modified as extensively as the 1911 handgun.

Lyman Digital Trigger Pull Gauge Lyman Digital Trigger Pull Gauge in open orange plastic case

Review: Lyman Electronic Trigger Pull Gauge

A trigger pull gauge is one of those accessories that is not used often, but is often used to great effect. After all, one of the best upgrades for accuracy is often the trigger. The pull on some triggers feels harder or softer than than they really are. Adjustable triggers may be tuned to be optimized for a specific use, but it takes more than guess work. I have also know savvy consumers who shopped for used firearms with a trigger gauge. It can tell you as much about a gun as a bore light.

Timney Triggers Adjustable Mosin Nagant Drop in Trigger 1.5 to 4 pounds 307

Tackling Trigger Jobs — Top Tips for Triggers

Trigger pull, trigger jobs, trigger reset—the trigger has as much (or more) to do with accuracy on a handgun as the sights. However, there is a lot of bad information on how and when you should look into having a trigger job done on your favorite pea shooter, and the best trigger pull weight for your purposes.

Grace USA Gun Care Tool Set

Grace USA Gun Care Tool Set

One word comes to mind as I just opened the Grace Tool Kit, quality. These are not junk-store tools. This is a tool set from the days when tools were something to be proud of. Your dad always told you to clean your tools when you finished with a job because they were worth something. Tools like these are rare these days. These tools are for an artisan.

Trigger Box Polish

What if Your Mosin Nagant was More Accurate?

Tweaking your Mosin Nagant rifle for tighter groups is not necessarily the easiest weekend project. However, if you are the motivated type, you can finally take that step past the casual shooter and into the realm of the customized shooting enthusiast. Since I am almost obsessive about getting good groups at the range, my friends wondered why in the world I would buy a beat up old Mosin. I told them I wanted the challenge of taking an Eastern Block bolt gun and outshooting them and their fancy ARs at the range. It might surprise you that with a little ingenuity, it is possible to turn that old Soviet rifle into a finely tuned precision target-blasting machine—sort of.

Gunstock Check Presentation

The Gun Club of America’s Gunstock Event Raises Over $13,000 for The Pathway Home

The Gun Club of America (GCA), along with the American Gunsmithing Institute (AGI), presented a check for $13,049.50 to GCA’s charity of the year, The Pathway Home. The Pathway Home is a nonprofit, residential recovery center to treat veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan who are suffering from post-traumatic stress or traumatic brain injury. The Pathway Home relies on donations to serve our veterans and their families. The home receives no funding from the government.