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Keeping the Wrong Hands Off Your Guns

For many of us, shooting can be an expensive hobby. I’ve turned more money into smoke and noise over the past decade than I care to track. Many of my hard-earned greenbacks fed the ammunition pile, and that hungry monster never really seems satiated. Further, my firearms collection has more value than my vehicles and home electronics combined. What is really sad? I don’t think I’m done buying guns.

Biometric safes offer easy access, but prevent children from getting to your handgun.

Where to Keep Your New Gun

If you are a brand new gun owner, you might be wondering where is the best place to store your new firearm. Don’t be embarrassed if you took the gun home and stuck it in the nightstand. Many of us did that the first time around, but it isn’t a secure location. There are many different opinions and options on this subject. Everyone’s situation is different and depending on your state’s laws, there are various appropriate and even possible restrictions on how you store your gun. It also depends on what type of firearm you purchased and why.

AK - SKS Scabbard

SKS-AK Scabbard

The Military SKS-AK Scabbard is an item I recently took a chance on purchasing. If you are expecting a top of the line, grade A, leather-bound scabbard this is not for you. For the price though, I thought it would at least be a great pouch for my tactical Mossberg 500 shotgun that is leaning behind my bedroom door, to keep the dust off and provide easy access if needed.

Burial Cases

You may subscribe to the philosophy of “when it comes time to bury your guns, it’s really time to dig them up,” but how realistic is that? In a time of marital law and SWAT comes beating down your door to confiscate your guns, are you really going to shoot them all up?

New Items in the News

There is a bunch of new items in the industry newsfeeds this morning and we just so happen to carry the majority of them! Today I am highlighting some of these new products and sharing what the industry is saying about them.

Midwest Industries Universal AK-47 Railed Handguard

Midwest Industries Universal AK-47 Railed Handguard

Midwest Industries Universal AK-47 Railed Handguard

With the Russian Defense Ministry dropping the rifle, the AK-47 has been making the news rounds lately. Max Slowik from wrote a short piece about the AK-47 rails made by Midwest Industries. He writes that the AK-47 just “doesn’t have a damn flat top rail.” So, in walks Midwest Industries with a variety of solutions and offering many different types of rails with mounts specific to whichever sight and type of AK you may have.

Made in the USA, constructed of lightweight, hard-coat anodized 6061 aluminum, this universal AK railed handguard installs quickly and easily. Reviewers say don’t waste time on cheap knock-offs, buy the best. Obviously, this rail is a winner, as it has received the highest bullet rating we offer!

Like it? Want it? Buy it! Item: 2-MWMIAK







IFAK Individual First Aid Kit

IFAK Individual First Aid Kit

IFAK Individual First Aid Kit

QuickClot, originally designed for the U.S. Military, consists of Zeolite, which aids in quick clotting of blood (duh), prevents the loss of a lot blood in under five minutes.

Our IFAK individual first aid kit includes a QuickClot package. The black pouch has MOLLE-style straps and includes 11 different first aid items perfect for any emergency at the range, camping, hiking, or other areas where accidents might occur.

Like it? Want it? Buy it! Item: MHR-334








Uncle Mike’s Rifle Assault Bag

Uncle Mikes Rifle Assault Bag

Uncle Mike’s Rifle Assault Bag

Uncle Mike’s has come out with an excellent range and competition case for your AR-15, takedown, or other sporting rifle. The 36-inch version features 2-inch closed-cell foam padding, Velcro tie-downs for security, three pockets for ammo, mags, and other range gear, and an adjustable shoulder strap. As a bonus, a hidden interior pocket holds one pistol. The MSRP on the Uncle Mike’s rifle assault bag is $101.95, but buy it from and save $40.55!

Like it? Want it? Buy it! Item: 2-UM64004








10x42mm Bushnell Bowhunter Chuck Adams Edition Binoculars

10x42mm Bushnell Bowhunter Chuck Adams Edition Binoculars

10x42mm Bushnell Bowhunter Chuck Adams Edition Binoculars

Chuck Adams was the first archer to take all 27 species of North American big game. Bushnell teamed up with Adams to create special edition binoculars that Adams himself uses. The binoculars offer 341 feet field of view at 1,000 yards, and have a 10x magnification and a 42mm objective lens. They are 100% waterproof, fog proof, and covered with a soft touch Advantage Max-1 camouflage.

Like it? Want it? Buy it! Item: 74438

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Grab and Go Black OPS Bags

ModGear Black OPS Bags are super tough and ready to hold everything you need for a range trip. Put spare mags in the two Velcro covered end pockets, eye and hearing protection in the two full length padded side-zip compartments, ammo boxes in the divided side pocket with elastic loops, and a pistol, holster, and mag pouch in the main compartment. Ok, so you don’t have to set up yours that way, that’s just how I do it. These bags are padded nicely, and come with a thick padded shoulder strap (because ammo is heavy). They use good zippers that won’t break and are securely attached with cross cut stitching, so they won’t rip out. The whole bag is nicely padded to protect your pistol and delicate accessories like electronic muffs. I bought the Coyote Tan one for no good reason except I thought it looks the coolest, but they also come in OD Green and Black to suit your taste.

OD Green OPS Bag

OD Green OPS Bag

Giant Double Rifle Case Does it All

The ModGear Ultimate Double Rifle Case can replace multiple bags and gun cases, simplifying your next range trip.  Use the heavy-duty dual zippers to pack two full-sized rifles in the 42 x 13 x 3” main compartment.  After removing them, the 40 x 24” main compartment divider comes out for use as a shooters mat.  A 13.5 x 10” handgun case on the side can protect a large hand cannon in its padded pocket.  There are three 10 x 4” mag pouches that each hold four 30-round AR-15 mags, and another 10 x 10” exterior pouch for your eye and ear protection.  The pouches have PALS webbing so you can attach MOLLE compatible items to them.  After loading up you’ll need the heavy-duty padded shoulder strap and nylon webbed handles to lug it all to the shooting bench, but you’ll only have to make one trip!

Eagle Gear in Stock and Ready to Deploy to your Door!

Eagle products aren’t “just like” what the military uses, they are often what the military actually use.  With the best materials, strongest zippers, and toughest stitching, Eagle constructs bags, pouches, and chest rigs that make no excuses.  Want a sleeping bag system that will last for years and keep you warm in your hunting camp?  The Carinthia Defense 4 is rated to keep you toasty to -15 degrees Celsius (5 degrees Fahrenheit), and shivering but still alive all the way down to -38 Celsius (-36.4 degrees Fahrenheit).  Need to keep warm in your “hunting camp” in the Hindu Kush, because you’re hunting the Taliban?  You’re going to need the Eagle liner as well.  Reach around the side of your Rhodesian Recon vest and pull some warm chow from your sustainment pouch  while you’re resting, because if the Taliban show up you’ll have to knock the ice off your machinegun bag, pull out your belt-fed, and leave your “hunting camp” behind.

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Hideaway Safe is Ready to Serve

Hideaway Wall Safe

Hideaway Wall Safe

Designed to fit between two wall studs, this hideaway safe is ready to serve!  Mounting this safe flush against the wall with a picture hung over it gives you discreet protection for your valuables.  You can also mount it between floor joists and cover it with a rug.  On the garage wall it looks like a fuse box.  Measuring just over a foot long and 8.5-inches tall, it’s suitable for hiding even the largest handgun within the padded inner chamber.  It has a very solid locking mechanism featuring two chromed deadbolts, and comes with two skeleton keys.  The body of the safe is made from 16-gauge steel and the door from 6-gauge steel, so this unit is heavy!  What’s better than an affordable strongbox securing your handgun?  A strongbox that only you know about!

Traveling with Guns

My responsibilities to Cheaper than Dirt, Gun Nuts Media, GunUp, and all my other sponsors keep me on the road quite frequently.  Because that usually involves shooting matches or other firearms-related events, that means I get the pleasure of flying with guns almost every time I do fly.  In fact, recently it’s gotten to the point where the guys at the SeaTac American Airlines counter just pull the firearms declaration form out and hand it to me when I walk up.  Good customer service!

Flying with guns is actually pretty easy, but if it’s not something you’ve done before then it can actually be a very intimidating process.  Here are some guidelines that I’ve found that will make the process go smoothly for you when you try it.

  1. Know the rules!  I can’t stress how important it is to be intimately familiar with the TSA and your air carrier’s guidelines on traveling with firearms.  The TSA publishes their rules at this link, and when I travel I carry a printed copy of those rules in the pocket of my Woolrich Elite Tactical Pants.  However, just knowing the rules often isn’t enough, because I’ve had multiple occasions where the particular TSA agent didn’t know their own rules and regs as well as I do.  In those situations, the most important thing to do is stay calm.  Getting angry won’t help, and will likely increase your chances of missing your flight.  Speak to their supervisor, be polite and firm but do not allow the TSA to do anything that could compromise the security of your firearms.
  2. Keep your guns in a separate case than your other checked items.  This Pelican Gun Case is a perfect example of the best way to transport your guns.  Since I usually fly with multiple pistols, magazines, and the legal maximum of 11 pounds of ammo, I always use a long gun case for my pistols.  I also fly with cameras a lot, so any valuable cameras will go in the locked Pelican case as well.
  3. Speaking of locks, get good locks.  You can actually buy sets of Master locks that share a common key, which eliminates hassle both in packing and loading at the airport.
  4. Ammo is important as well!  Know what your ammo weighs.  My preferred carrier is American Airlines, and their rules state that ammo is limited to 11 lbs per passenger.  250 rounds of .45 ACP ammo weighs about 11.8 pounds in boxes, and the TSA will pull passengers off the plane for having too much.
  5. Be courteous to everyone.  I shouldn’t have to say this, but I firmly believe that part of why I’ve always avoided drama when flying with guns is because I’m just so dang happy.  Everyone gets smiled at, even the TSA guys, because it doesn’t do me any good to go through the airport glowering and scowling at folk.  Attitude helps a lot, and having a good attitude can be the difference between an easy trip or getting to know your airport’s holding center.

Now that we’ve looked at things to do, let’s look at a couple of possible crash landings that could cause problems.  Here is my list of “don’ts” for flying with guns.

  1. Don’t connect in Chicago.  Seriously, just don’t do it.  I will pay extra money to avoid Chicago.  I don’t want to risk my plane getting delayed overnight, and all of a sudden I’m stranded in the most anti-gun city on earth with a bunch of guns.  I have no desire to be a test case for the Firearms Owners Protection Act.
  2. Seriously, don’t connect in Chicago.
  3. Don’t talk about your guns!  Mostly for security purposes, but whenever I’m checking in at the airport, I don’t know what greedy baggage handler or sticky fingered TSA agent might be listening, so if anyone asks I’m carrying “my dad’s old junky .22 to give to my nephew for his birthday”.

There is a lot more to flying with guns, and I’d like to hear from the readers out there as well.  What are you experiences with flying with firearms, good reports and bad reports?  One thing that always cracks me up is whenever I get on the shuttle to go from the airport to the car rental center, I will almost invariably make a new friend who wants to know if I’m a hunter.  I take that time to preach the gospel of action pistol shooting.