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President Trump with Judge Kavanaugh and family during his Supreme Court nomination

Kavanaugh: Protecting the Second Amendment for the Next Generation

While the media and special interest groups have been in a frenzy since Justice Kennedy announced his retirement, President Trump was finishing the selection process for his next Supreme Court Justice nomination. While none of the finalists had a record of opposing the “Right to Keep and Bear Arms,” Judge Brett Kavanaugh arguably had the strongest record of supporting the Second Amendment, which is a win for gun owners.


Ammo Shipments to CA Illegal Soon! Please Help! —,

You may not live in California, but past history has taught us that if the anti gunners are successful in one state, others will follow the path and try to pass similar anti-Second Amendment legislation in your state. So, we all have a vested interest in getting this shot down. If you live in California, sign the petition and spread the word to get other like-minded gun owners and shooters involved. If you live outside of California, use your social media reach to get the word to the pro Second Amendment people who can defeat this in California!