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How to Clean Your AR

First things first. As with any firearm, before you begin cleaning your AR, be sure to clear your rifle.

  • Drop the magazine.
  • Open the chamber.
  • Visually inspect to ensure there are no rounds loaded.

Now, let’s start cleaning!

A brand new Ruger.

New Year, New Gun: Handgun Owner Basics

You did your research, you rented plenty of guns at your local range, saved your money and finally made your first handgun purchase. Now that you have it home, you might feel slightly lost as what to do next. The first thing you must do as a gun owner is learn and follow the four basic rules of gun safety—not only at the gun range, but in your home, as well.

Grace USA Gun Care Tool Set

Grace USA Gun Care Tool Set

One word comes to mind as I just opened the Grace Tool Kit, quality. These are not junk-store tools. This is a tool set from the days when tools were something to be proud of. Your dad always told you to clean your tools when you finished with a job because they were worth something. Tools like these are rare these days. These tools are for an artisan.

Black Powder Cleaning Kits

Cleaning Black Powder Guns

Whether you have a traditional or modern black powder rifle or handgun, get ready to get dirty. Black powder is a great way to experience the shooting sport and hobby from a new angle. When I hunted with black powder, it helped me get better shooting seasons in my home state. Honestly, with that first Hawken I built from a kit, the real question when I pulled the trigger was would it really work.

How Often Should You Clean Your Gun?

We all know that firearms require maintenance and cleaning, but how often should you clean your firearms? Some insist that firearms should be cleaned every time they are fired as well as every few months whether they’ve been used or not. Others insist that it is fine to leave your rifle or pistol uncleaned even after multiple trips to the range. Who’s right? The answer is that it depends on the type of firearm, what it is primarily used for, and what ammunition and elements it has been exposed to.