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Hunter wearing camo with lab and dove decoy.

Women Afield — Dove Hunting Basics, Part 2

In Part One, we reviewed dove habitat and hopefully gleaned a few tips and tactics on scouting good spots. However, when it comes to dove hunting, every time you go afield to hunt these fast flying feathered rockets, you will gain more insight into one of America’s favorite game birds and hopefully discover why they are so much fun to hunt.

Lady hunter applying camouflage paint to her face.

Women Afield — Dove Hunting Basics, Part 1

From Alaska to Argentina, and virtually every place in between, dove hunting seasons mark the passage from summer to fall. And one of the beauties of dove hunting is that it doesn’t matter how small or how big your property is, how much or how little you want to spend, or whether you’re using the finest shotgun or your granddaddy’s old reliable, dove hunting seems to level the playing field.


Give Dove Hunting a Try

If you are new to dove hunting, it can be a humbling experience. Hitting a fast moving object with another much faster moving object is even harder than it sounds. Practicing with clay pigeons will help, but only so much. A few days ago, I had the pleasure of hunting in some prime dove country in west Texas. I’ve been dove hunting multiple times a year since I was in grade school, but some of my compatriots did not grow up so blessed. They were visibly excited to give it a try.