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FNS 40 pistol atop a Syntech ammunition box

FNS 40: An Overlooked Champion

Among the oldest and most respected firearms manufacturers is Fabrique Nationale de Armes de Guerre. FN is a company that has housed some of the most innovative firearms of the age and great inventors including John Browning and Dieudonne Saive. Thousands of FN firearms are in use worldwide with our military. Many of them are manufactured in South Carolina, USA. FN produces police, military, and sporting rifles. With the bonafides out of the way, how it performs at the range still has to be answered?

FN America FNS and FNX pistols

FN Announces Spring Consumer Promotion

Free FN-Branded Gear and Magpul Accessories for Qualifying Purchases — Everybody loves FN’s firearms and free really does not hurt many shooters feelings either. Perhaps you were already planning to pick up a new FN 15 modern sporting rifle, FNS, or FNX pistol, but even if you were not, FN America is offering the right enticement to get you to pull the trigger.