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Black Rock Island compact 1911 on a gray-and-white woven background, barrel pointed to the right.

Range Report — Rock Island Compact 1911

Is there a best personal defense handgun? I doubt it; the competition is fierce, and many handguns have their good points. We also have personal needs and personal worst-case scenarios. As long as the handgun is a quality design, well executed with good reliability and is accurate and powerful enough for the task, the rest is up to you. My personal favorite carry gun is the 1911 single-action self-loader in .45 ACP. There are many variants, and while some are ironmongery, many are well made of good material.

Colt_LE6920MP AR-15 rifle with brown Magpul furniture

SHOT 2014 — Colt’s LE6920MP-B — Your Next Must Have AR-15!

I know many of you love the M4; many have trusted their lives to the marvelous Colt, either here in the states or abroad. Why? Simple: It is reliable, effective and proven. Colt’s reliability and performance have been the cornerstone on which the Armed Forces has relied to successfully complete many missions around the world—and every serious shooting enthusiast should have at least one.

All black SIG P938 9mm subcompact handgun

9mm SIG Sauer P938 Review

On a recent trip to the shooting range, one of the female range officers brought me a SIG P938 and said, “Here girl, try this.” She proceeded to tell me it was her preferred carry gun and that she can conceal it anywhere on her body successfully. “It hides under anything!” she exclaimed as she pointed toward her chest.


SHOT 2014 — Mossberg Duck Commander Shotguns and Rifles

For those of you who don’t know, Duck Commander is the name of the company owned by the famed Robertson family of A&E’s entertaining hit “reality” show, Duck Dynasty. For those of you only familiar with the names Duck Commander and Buck Commander—hey! Did you know that those guys got really, really famous? Willie, Phil, Jase and Co. were known to sport Benelli shotguns, but just recently, they have partnered with Mossberg to release a series of co-branded firearms.


SHOT 2014 — Kel-Tec’s New Bullpups the M43 and RDB

Earlier in January someone leaked a product sheet for two new Kel-Tec bullpup rifles named the RDB and M43. I heard Kel-Tec was pretty ticked off about the leak, but the flier circulated the gun blogs quickly. I wondered if maybe Kel-Tec was mad because the rifles didn’t exist, but sure enough, Kel-Tec unveiled prototypes of the M43 and RDB at SHOT Show 2014.

Picture shows a two-toned Kahr Arms CT 40 pistol.

SHOT 2014 — Kahr CT 40 and CT 45

Known for reliable, tough pocket pistols in a price range that reflects their quality, a Kahr goes bang every time. For self-defense, you can trust your life on a Kahr handgun. Now, with a saturated market of affordable and even cheap, small defensive handguns, Kahr Arms introduces two new full-sized pistols that it hopes will grab a portion of the market share.

Beretta ARX160

SHOT 2014 — Cheaper Than Dirt’s Top Picks from Media Day

Getting up before dawn isn’t hard when you know you will be spending all day shooting the newest and coolest rifles, shotguns and handguns while also getting to check out the latest in bullets, optics and other accessories. We spent all day at 2014’s Industry Day at the Range going from booth to booth testing out the latest and greatest gear. At the end of the day, it didn’t take us long to come to a consensus which firearms were our favorites.