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the TBRC Model 1836

Art of the Gun: The Texas Black Rifle Company Model 1836

Sometimes there are companies you really enjoy. Whether it is their product, their advertising or something else entirely, you develop an affinity for a company and so you follow and support what they do. That’s how many of us here at Cheaper Than Dirt! feel about Texas Black Rifle Company, Inc. and their sister company, Shield Tactical. Shield Tactical pole-vaulted into the limelight in 2013 when they announced they were moving out of gun-hating California to gun-friendly Texas.

Classic, black metal-framed Beretta M9 9mm handgun

Art of the Gun: Beretta 92 Series M9

I would be remiss not to feature the Beretta 92 series as an Art of the Gun. Just about every movie ever features the models in the 92 series. Issued to most U.S. military service members since 1985, Beretta 92s ship to every corner of the Earth. It isn’t hard to see why: with that classic Italian sense of style, interchangeable parts, and a large capacity of 9mm, the Beretta 92 is a handgun for the masses.

The epitome of cool

Art of the Gun: The H&K USP

Recently, I watched the first episode of the new season of 24. Jack Bauer, the show’s main character, was sporting a new H&K P30. In the first two seasons, he usually carried a SIG Sauer P228 (that would often switch to a P229 in the middle of the scene—because Jack Bauer is so badass his gun changes size as to not incur his wrath.) However, in Season 1’s finale, Bauer dual-wields two H&K USPs. Then in Season 3 his side arm switches to a USP Compact and remains by his side over the next five seasons. Seeing Jack with the P30 reminded me of how cool the USP—both full size and compact models—looked throughout the show.

Beretta Storm PX4 Take Down Controls

Art of the Gun: The Beretta PX4 Storm

When it comes to form and function, Beretta has a really good track record. The Beretta 92FS is probably one of the most ubiquitous handguns around the world and the rest of the Beretta catalog has seen high sales all over the globe. Beretta decided to take some of the best parts from across their product line and apply them to create a gun that was perfect for defensive use.


Art of the Gun: Cesar Guerini Summit Limited

When it comes to gorgeous guns, I think shotguns typically take the prize. Not that handguns and rifles can’t be aesthetic, they surely are, but the craftsmanship that goes in a high-quality shotgun just makes you wish you had millions of dollars to spend. That’s why I drooled so much over this week’s Art of the Gun.

The Old and the New: Colt Combat Commander Mark IV and the RIA Tactical II

Art of the Gun: Old and New 1911s

The 1911 is one of—if not the most—popular handgun models in America. Developed around the turn of the century by the famed John Moses Browning for Colt’s Manufacturing Company, the United States Army adopted this gun as its official sidearm in 1911.