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Throwback Thursday: 5 Items You Should Have in Your Car

In order to make the amount of time I spend in and around my truck more comfortable, I keep a few items tucked in the storage compartments to help me handle whatever situation might arise while I am trudging about. This may eventually require a part two. However, here is my pick for five items you probably should have in your vehicle.

Buggin' Out with the JIC

10 Survival Essentials

Lost, primitive hiking and camping, natural disasters, crash-landed, broke-down car far from civilization—any time there is potential for you to have to spend any time in the elements unexpectedly,

Picture shows a family playing a board game by lantern light in a room with no electricty.

30 Days of Preparing for Severe Winter Weather Day 23: 15 Last Minute Items to Get Before Everyone Else Does

Ice storms, blizzards and other severe winter weather can force you to stay inside your home. Snowdrifts can pile up as high as second story windows! Some states even have laws against driving during severe winter storms. Severe ice storms can cause transformers to blow and electrical lines to fall. Before the storm hits, be prepared to go without electricity for at least three days. Linemen will not be able to get out to fix lines until the weather clears. You should not wait until the day before weathermen predict a severe winter storm. Get last minute emergency gear now, while it is still in stock. Here is a list of 15 items to get now.

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30 Days of Preparing for Severe Winter Weather Day 21: 10 Safety Rules for Spending a Night in Your Car

Depending on where you are, running off the road may be as simple as getting traction to get back on, or as bad as being so stuck that you need rescued. A whiteout or blizzard can make driving conditions so hazardous that you voluntarily pull over to wait out the storm. The first thing you need to do is call for help if you find yourself trapped on the road during severe winter weather. Until help arrives, you will need to focus on staying safe, hydrated and warm. Pull your emergency vehicle kit out of the trunk or back seat and follow these 10 rules.

Picture shows a car with the hood up, stuck in the snow.

30 Days of Preparing for Severe Winter Weather Day 4: Build an Emergency Kit for Your Car

If you followed our tips from yesterday, “Get Your Car Ready” your car should be in tip-top shape for the cold winter months. However, severe winter weather may find you stuck or stranded, in an accident or sliding off the road. Snow and ice can cause traffic backups for hours, or if on a road less traveled, it might be a long time before someone can rescue you. You will want an emergency kit in your car to keep you safe, warm and hydrated while forced to wait it out.