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Diamondback DB-15 rifle

Diamondback Introduces the DB15 Rifle Series

Diamondback burst on the scene and upturned the applecart by producing pistol with all of the functionality and none of the frills. The DB380 and DB reset the bar for micro pistols. With the introduction of the DB15, Diamondback proved there is one rifle that will fill all your needs—at a very affordable price. Hunting, tactical applications, recreational shooting, and competition—Diamondback DB15 Rifle Series.

Taurus Firearms Logo

Taurus Acquires Diamondback Firearms

Consolidations in any industry are a way of life and this is one I really hated to see. I do not in any way mean that as a slight against Taurus! Taurus makes great guns and has a few models that are on my short list to purchase this year. I just loved the management and creative guys over at Diamondback. Fortunately, there is a bright side. The deal looks to be a change in bank accounts than creative talents. In addition to the popular compacts Diamondback has become known for in the past, the acquisition will provide the necessary funds to really rock the industry with projects now in the pipeline.

Diamondback DB-15 rifle

Diamondback Firearms — New Colors and a New AR-15!

Diamondback Firearms made a statement about ultra-concealable pistols with the introduction of the DB380. Just as the market was getting comfortable with that idea, Diamondback upped the ante with the DB9 which is one of, if not the smallest, production 9mms ever produced. After a little digging, I have found Diamondback has come out with a few new surprises.