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Young hunter with rifle on bipod in woods

Tips for Preventing Lyme Disease

Previously, I related my yearlong battle with undiagnosed Lyme disease. The number one transmission of the Lyme disease Spiron is the deer tick. Trust me when I tell you that you do not ever want to go through what I went through.

Federal Premium Trophy Bonded ammo

Semiauto Salvation: Federal 10mm Auto

A new full-power load resurrected the 10mm Auto, transforming it into a potent big-game platform. Hogs. Bears. Deer. Whatever the target, most handgun hunters traditionally opted for stout revolvers chambered in .44 and .41 Rem. Magnums, .357 Magnum and the like. Semiautomatic handgun options have been slim. That is changing with ammunition such as the new Vital-Shok Trophy Bonded Jacketed Soft Point in 10mm Auto.

Deer feeding in snow.

Cold Weather Shooting

Being in top shooting shape requires diligent practice year round. The last thing you want is for the trophy of a lifetime to step out—with a 10 second window—and you miss the shot because of under preparation. I am often asked what type of preparation that really takes, especially during winter. So, where do I practice shooting in wintertime? Why, outside of course!

Hunter leaning against a tree with rifle on bipod

Last Minute Deer

Shoot Now or Let it Walk for Another Year!

If we were playing football, this would be the two minute warning. In much of the country, the Whitetail season is winding down to its final days and minutes. If you haven’t wrapped your tag around something at this point, you may need to either change your tactics, your goal or both.

Dead whitetail deer with a compound bow.

Deer Down — Tips for Processing Your Own Game Meat

So, you have hunted hard all season. You spent the summer cutting shooting lanes and putting up stands. You cemented relationships with property owners that give you permission to hunt. You worked hard all season, and things finally came together. You shot a deer. The adrenaline has risen and subsided, and you stand over your trophy. Now what?

A hunter sits in a tree blind with a hunter's orange vest and cap.

Women Afield — Arousing Aromas

Last week, I shared cover and masking scents. This week, I discuss lure and attractant scents.

The other types of scents—often used by hunters—are the lure or attractant scents. These are not to be confused with other types of “attractant” products such as foods or supplements such as salt or mineral licks. The attractants I am referring to are aroma attractants used to draw bucks to your location such as the sex-attractant type of scents used during the rut.

Hunter in camo shooting crossbows from 4-foot high shooting sticks

Hunting Horizontal

This has been a year of firsts for me. In an earlier series, I wrote about my transformation from tactical neophyte to MSR owner and shooter. I shot my first coyote with an arrow. I was there when my daughter shot her first deer during Wisconsin’s youth deer hunt; my first time hunting a private, Mississippi River duck club, and I hunted Kansas for the first time.

Turkey Dinner

Happy Thanksgiving!

Three hundred and ninety-two years ago, after an incredibly rough first year in their new home, a group of English folks looking for religious freedom celebrated for three days after their first successful corn harvest. These people—we now call Pilgrims—included local Native Americans, a group they had developed allied relationship with. They feasted for three days. We really have no idea what the Pilgrims and Native Americans ate on what we now consider the first Thanksgiving, but Edward Winslow recorded in his journal the Pilgrims went on a waterfowl hunt and the Wampanoag Indians brought deer.