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New Product Round Up — SHOT Day 2

The SHOT Show (Shooting Hunting Outdoor Trade) in Las Vegas is enormous to say the least. The show runs for four days. If you wanted to walk the show floor and visit every booth, you would have about eight seconds at each! While we cannot see it all, we spent plenty of time softening the shoe leather to come up with Day 2’s list of cool new products.

woman learning how to shoot an AR-15 rifle.

10 Top ARs for 2018

Legislators are proposing all sorts of new legislation that ranges from changing the legal age to buy certain to firearms to outright bans on entire types of firearms, primarily Modern Sporting Rifles such as the AR-15. Although no one can be certain what the future may hold, these situations always cause a spike in interest among first time buyers and seasoned enthusiasts alike. It would be an impossible task to whittle any Top AR list to 10, so instead, we decided to pull a handful of favorites that cover law enforcement, home defense, sporting, and hunting, just to get you started.

Suppressor mounted on the end of a rifle barrel

Video: NSSF Hosts Media for Suppressor Demonstration

Perhaps not on the forefront of some gun owners’ minds these days, but the fight for the Second Amendment is a daily struggle. The challenge is not to convince gun owners—at least not in most situations. Instead, the challenge is to educate the non gun owner. Two of the major obstacles to our success are the movies (Hollywood) and the media. Both have a huge influence on the general populace. Neither typically portrays guns factually.

Daniel Defense M4 Extended Trigger Guard

The Daniel Defense Rifle—Good Enough and Then Some

Today there are many opportunities to own a great rifle. There are even high dollar celebrity branded rifles that allow you to pay a premium to get the other guy’s name on your gun. No kidding. And then there are the basic claptrap rifles that work most of the time and are OK for plinking. They are a little loose and tie up on occasion, but hey, we are only shooting rats at the dump, right?

With the Daniel Defense ISR, you get both a SBR and a suppressed AR-15 with one tax stamp.

Post SHOT 2013: Daniel Defense Integrated Suppressed Rifle (ISR)

One reason why I love the AR-15 platform is how customizable it is. There are so many ways to trick it out for whatever your needs are—be it home defense, hog hunting, 3-gun or plinking. Some of the coolest AR-15s I have had the pleasure to shoot are suppressed and short barreled. Daniel Defense unveiled its latest AR-15 at Media Day—the Integrated Suppressed Rifle (ISR).


2012 SHOT Show Special Report: The Torture Tested Daniel Defense M4

Daniel Defense conducted a unique torture test of one of their M4 rifles last year and documented it in a famous Youtube video. First they buried it in dirt to get debris and sand inside the gun before firing it. Then Larry Vickers threw it a creek for awhile before dragging it out with a rope tied to the stock, and firing it. Then they shot it with a few rounds of birdshot from a 12 gauge Remington 870. The DD was unimpressed.

High Quality AR-15 Parts Made in the USA

USA made!

Our friend, Shelley Rae, over at Gun Nuts Media made a blog post this week about the different, high-quality parts on her AR-15. Reading about her build is a good place to start when you are ready to rev up your stock AR-15. Isn’t one of the reasons why we love the AR-15 rifle so much is because we can customize it? Shelley mentioned quite a few different companies’ accessories she has on her rifle. What’s better? All of today’s recommendations are made in the USA!

Like Shelley, we recommend these four items today:

Daniel Defense XV Upper

Want it? Buy it! Item: 2-DD9015

Daniel Defense XV Upper

Daniel Defense XV Upper

If you want a truly customized AR-15, you will need to build it from the ground up. The upper and lower assemblies are the first two parts who will want to purchase. The Daniel Defense XV upper in 5.56mm NATO is a great price. It has a 16-inch Chrome Moly Vanadium Steel, cold-hammer forged barrel with a 1:7-inch twist; a good twist rate if you are wanting match-grade performance out of your rifle. The bolt carrier group is MIL-SPEC MP-tested and has a properly staked gas key. This upper assembly also includes an A1 birdcage flash hider, front and rear sights, and a M4 polymer handguard. Daniel Defense manufactures their parts right here in the USA and each part is inspected and hand-assembled.


Advanced Armament BLACKOUT Flash Hider

Want it? Buy it! Item: 2-AACO100197


Advanced Armament BLACKOUT Flash Hider

Advanced Armament BLACKOUT Flash Hider

If you do not plan to suppress your AR, this Blackout non-mount flash hider is an affordable option from Advanced Armament. We all want high-quality accessories, without a jaw-dropping price tag and here is one such product. The Blackout flash hider successfully eliminates your muzzle flash and is made of high-strength, corrosion-resistant aerospace alloy.






Midwest Industries AR-15 Low Profile Rear Sight

Want it? Buy it! Item: ARR-803

Midwest Industries AR-15 Low Profile Rear Site

Midwest Industries AR-15 Low Profile Rear Site

What good is your rifle without good sights? A little more expensive, but well worth it, these sights from Midwest Industries lock into place solidly and provide an extremely low-profile design, allowing you to add a red dot or other sights. The ball detent design is battle-proven; offering a surface to grab onto even in the worst conditions and the windage knob is easy to use.






Ergo Grip AR-15/M16 SureGrip Tactical Deluxe Grip Kit

Want it? Buy it! Item: 60120

Ergo Grip AR-15/M16 SureGrip Tactical Deluxe Grip Kit

Ergo Grip AR-15/M16 SureGrip Tactical Deluxe Grip Kit

One of the most affordable, excellent quality additions to add to your AR-15: Ergo Grips feel great in your hand, and offer better control over your rifle. And, you don’t need a bunch of hardware and parts to install it.