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Bob Campbell Shooting a .357 SIG from close range

Close Quarters Battle — Three Tips

All skills are an amalgamation of basic skills and things we have learned. The problem is that many folks do not study, and if they do, they study things that are of no utility in personal defense. Most shooters engage in superficial dabbling. They may try the inside the waistband holster and the appendix draw briefly, and sometimes try the crossdraw, but not thoroughly examine any of them. They do not repeat the draw 500 times. Some fire from one stance or the other for a box of cartridges or so, and declare one works best for them. That is dabbling. To master a technique you must immerse yourself in the drills. This means total concentration with body and mind. If you have not trained your body, you will be unable to execute effective techniques.

BCMGUNFIGHTER Charging Handle - Support Hand Charging

Keeping You Up With CQB Doctrine – BCMGUNFIGHTER Charging Handle

If you are the type of person who can cite current CQB doctrine as easily as your birthdate—you should probably seek professional help. Luckily, I am that help! CQB doctrine dictates that the operator manipulates the charging handle with their support hand only. This eliminates the need to take your hand off the pistol grip, but may—depending on the buttstock and head placement—require the operator to lift their cheek from the stock. However, properly positioned, you should not have to lose a proper cheek weld.

CQB Stairs

Close Quarters Battle: An Overview

Close quarters combat, or close quarters battle is an especially dangerous type of combat where small units engage enemies with personal weapons at short-range. Typically, the attackers try a very fast, violent takeover of a structure controlled by the opposing force. There is usually no easy way to withdraw for the defenders in this situation.