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May E-Postal Match Results: Thinker’s Target

May 2011 Cheaper Than Dirt E-Postal Match Target

May 2011 Cheaper Than Dirt E-Postal Match Target

And the winner is… (drum roll please)

Now did you really think we would give it away that quickly?

This month’s “Thinker’s Target” involved some shooting strategy. Shooters got 11 shots with which to hit 11 circles arranged in order of descending size. As each target got progressively smaller, the point value increased. Shooters had to shoot the targets in order, successfully penetrating the previous target before proceeding to the next. If the shooter missed the designated target and hit a smaller, higher point value one accidentally, that hit and points did not count. After a successful hit, shooters then moved on to the next smaller target. Shooters had the option to continue accruing points by repeatedly shooting the target they were on. For example, you hit the 1 point, 5 point, 10 point, and 15 point target, but did not think you could reliably hit the 20 point target, you were allowed to stop and continue to shoot at the 15 point target with your remaining rounds. However, the targets sent in show that this group of shooters chose to move on to the next smaller size, higher point target.

“Nick1911″ shared with us that he’s only been shooting for about four months now and is absolutely hooked. Welcome to the wonderful world of shooting, Nick!

Now, without further ado, here is this month’s results:

Position Shooter Make and Model Caliber Distance Class Score
1st.: Patrick Ruger 22/45 .22 30 yds 1 201
2nd.: Patrick S&W 29 .44 Magnum 30 yds 3 201
3rd.: Skip B Remington 1911 R-1 .45 10 yds 3 126
4th.: Skip B Heritage 6" Single Action .22 10 yds 1 126
5th.: Billll Ruger MK1 .22LR 8 yds 1 116
6th.: Nick1911 Sig Saur Mosquito .22LR 7 yds 1 61
7th.: Nick1911 Taurus 24/7 9mm 7 yds 3 51
8th.: Skip B Remington 1911 .45 10 yds 3 51
9th.: Rob L S&W 637 .38 Spl 7 yds 5 31
10th.: Rob L Walther P22 .22LR 7 yds 1 16

AK and SKS Rifle Beauty Contest

We just finished our AR-15 beauty contest, but now it’s time to see those rifles from the other side of the Iron Curtain. That’s right, we’re kicking off our AK/SKS beauty contest May 1st. That’s right, just submit a photo of your AK or SKS rifle to our Facebook Page and you could win a $50 gift certificate from Cheaper Than Dirt! This contest is open to any AK or SKS platform, including pistol variants and non-standard calibers and configurations such as the Saiga or SKS Model D, etc.

Here are the rules:

  • Post an image of your AK or SKS rifle to our Facebook Wall.
  • In the description make sure you have the phrase “AK/SKS Beauty Contest”
  • Have your friends click “Like” on your photo
  • The fan photo with the most “Likes” at the end of the month (Contest ends May 31st) will win a $50 Gift Certificate from Cheaper Than Dirt!
  • One entry per person, please!
  • Keep all entries “Family Friendly” please! If you wouldn’t want your own mother to see it, it’s probably not appropriate for our contest.


March Photo Contest

Congratulations to JJ, winner of our March photo contest.

He writes about the photo saying “The only details I can really give you about the photo is that it was a photo taken in 2006 out of Fallujah, Iraq and that it was in support of Coalition Forces. The gentleman you see next to me is my spotter and the cameraman was our third team mate. I hope you and your readers enjoy the photo.” The rifle appears to be a Barret .50 BMG M107 or M82 variant.

Click the photo above to view a full size version.

January Photo Contest

Congratulations to Cheaper Than Dirt! Forum member CostumerGayle for her winning entry in our January Photo Contest!

She calls her photo “Breaking in an AR variant of the M4 ’til Sundown” Gayle mentions “This is my husband, breaking in a newly built upper and lower and testing it for the first time.” Gayle is a novice photographer from Shreveport Louisiana. She used a Canon 40D with a zoom lens to obtain the winning shot.