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MH-60 Helocast by U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Matt Daniels

Combat Shooting Versus Competitive Shooting: Similar but Different

Are there differences between combat shooting and competition shooting? The answer is yes. Likely, this blog does not have enough room to cover all the aspects of this argument, but let’s touch on the subject anyway. As for that fact, let’s talk to some of the guys I know and get their opinions and ideas as well; the more the merrier, right? How about a Navy SEAL shooter and a federal officer?

Here, Rob Leatham uses a strong upper triangle to overcome recoil. He advises, “You can't learn to control recoil without having to control recoil.”

Throwback Thursday: 7 Keys to a Strong Upper Triangle

We all were told at some point in our training to “relax, squeeze the trigger slowly, and let the gun kick freely.” This makes sense when you’re just starting out, but if you want to shoot faster and maintain a high degree of accuracy, this basic advice will have to evolve. You will have to do things differently. That’s where shooting stance comes in.

extractor and breech face

Handguns: Are You Using or Abusing Your Guns?

Recently, one of the teenaged grandkids made the often repeated comment, ‘You only live once. (YOLO)’ I squashed this thought with both feet. True enough, we are promised but one life, but I pointed out that life isn’t short, it is long. Things you do in your youth may have consequences for the rest of your life. So, it is with firearms and the way you treat them.

Rhode and Girl

USA Shooter Profile: Kim Rhode

USA Olympic team member Kim Rhode is more than just a girl with a gun who has won a few matches. She is, in fact, a major role model in the shooting industry complete with a long list of accolades and plenty of hardware to prove it.

3 Gun Nation logo

Gearing Up! The Pistol

Welcome to part #2 in our series of Cheaper Than Dirt articles on Gearing Up! for the new-guy 3-gunner. I will assume you have read “Gearing Up” part #1 and are in possession of a capable yet affordable AR. That’s great; you are one third of the way there! Let’s work on another third, the handgun.

Clint Upchurch Grabs First Place!

Congratulations to Cheaper Than Dirt!’s shooter Clint Upchurch for his first place win at the Pro AM 3-Gun Championship. On Aug 23-26, shooters from around the nation appeared to test their mettle against the best to find out who’s top dog. Competitors were able to shoot in either the Tac Optics or Open divisions. Upchurch shot in the Open division, and vas victorious against all comers. After the match, Upchurch touted the competition.

Ruger Mark III Target Rimfire Handgun

Fun, Training, Practice, and Friendship: Getting into a Women’s Shooting League

Gun ownership in America is rising across the board and has been for some time. From 2001 to 2011, the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) reports that there has been a 51.5% increase in women participating in target shooting. Maybe with the fear of our 2A rights threatened, we are feeling more insecure in our safety. Maybe it’s just because it is becoming more acceptable for women to own guns. Either way, we’re buying.

From left to right are Daryl Parker, Eric Bellamy, John Stuchly, Jeff Simpson, and Travis Marsh.

Marksman’s Challenge Spring Invitational

Saturday, June 9, 2012 marked the first annual Spring Invitational of Top Shot contestant, Daryl Parker’s Marksman’s Challenge competition. The Spring Invitational was only open to top participants from past Marksman’s Challenge events. Martin and I watched as each individual battled it out with a variety of weapons and challenges.

A tuned Baikal has a smoother action, manual safety, and chamfered chambers.

Tuning Baikals for Cowboy Action Shooting

Cowboy Action Shooting is one of the most entertaining games around, with competitors outfitting themselves with some of the most functional guns ever created. But models like the affordable Russian-made Baikal SxS double-barrel shotgun in 12 gauge don’t come CAS-ready, says Steve Young, a Port Arthur, Texas, gunsmith.

Did You Know…

The world record for the smallest 100-yard benchrest group was shot in 1973 by Pat McMillan using a handbuilt prototype McMillan rifle with an early McMillan stock. The 5-shot group measures a mere 0.009-inch center to center and was examined with a 60x microscope for verification. The record still stands today, and the actual record group, plus the McMillan rifle that shot it, hang in the company’s museum in Phoenix.