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man using a signal mirror

Throwback Thursday: Six Visual Distress Signals

Before we had Google Maps, we had a sky full of stars and the sun to guide our way. Humans have an innate ability to navigate; a natural sense of direction. We create visual maps of an area in our brains, and using many different cues and landmarks, we are able to orient ourselves. However, without practicing navigation, you can lose the art of finding yourself.

Bushnell Backtracker

Avoid Getting Lost

The words “I am lost” can create stress and chaos in a matter of seconds, especially if you do not have an immediate remedy for the problem. The fact is, we have all been lost at some point in our life. A simple missed turn on a busy highway or worse being lost in the middle of the wilderness. Sometimes there is an easy fix, and all you need is a map or a familiar landmark in order to get your bearings, other times you need a little assistance.

Six Month Survival Supplies

How Much is a Six Month Supply?

Six months in a long time. Do you have sufficient supplies to survive for the long haul? It’s important to note that this is only a start. Medical supplies, bartering goods, and tools are just a few more things to consider when preparing for the unknown.

You Are Here

How to Get Un-lost Using a Compass

Let’s say you’ve been merrily rolling along doing some off-roading in your 4×4 for the past couple of hours. You are well away from the established trail when suddenly, with a loud pop, you are no longer rolling or merry. You find yourself lost in an unfamiliar area, and since you can’t conjure up a replacement tie rod out of thin air, you’ll be walking out.