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CCW Laws

Top 10 Apps for Concealed Carry

Perhaps you live in Illinois—the last state to open concealed carry—and are welcoming concealed carry for the first time, someone who has been carrying for years, or the Zimmerman trial has piqued your interest. No matter the reason, your smartphone or tablet can be one of the best devices to keep you safe and out of handcuffs. Unfortunately, we do not have reciprocity for concealed carry like we do with driver licenses. Recognition varies by state. Laws vary by state or county. Something as simple as a wrong turn can take you across a state or county line that could result in you being arrested.

Kahr Sights

Considerations for Concealed Carry Handguns

In a perfect world, all guns would do all things and they would all do them perfectly. Unfortunately, the vast majority of guns are usually only good in just one or two roles. The characteristics that make up certain types of firearms typically correspond to whatever market the manufacturer was trying to tackle. For the deer hunter, a highly accurate bolt-action rifle in a medium to large size caliber does the trick perfectly. Rate of fire and magazine capacity is far less important. For the soldier, rate of fire, magazine capacity, weight, caliber and ruggedness are just a few of the important specifications. For concealed carry, what characteristics make the perfect gun? Has someone already made it?

A Revolver is Still an Excellent Choice

What is Your Gun’s Role?

There are thousands of different makes and models of handguns. Many designers make firearms with the power to stop attackers in their tracks. Some design handguns for target practice. While yet others are better suited for a museum or a collector’s display case. When people ask me, “What is the best type of handgun to buy?” I usually reply with the question, “What do you want it to do?”