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Getting in Shape for a Bug Out

In my youth, I was a Boy Scout. The model of the Boy Scouts of America is “be prepared.” I think that’s good advice not just for the Boy Scouts, but for life. You never know what could happen, and sometimes it’s better to be prepared.

Going Fishing

Survival Games for Kids

Growing up in rural America meant we did not have organized play dates at the local bounce house nor did we have parents who would fork out a wad of cash and drop us off at the mall. For my brother and me, we simply had our backyard and our imagination to keep us entertained. Looking back, those were not only the good-ol’ days, but they were also the times we began learning some basic outdoor skills such as making a fire, building a shelter, identifying animals tracks and more.

Old Telegraph Machine

When Communications Go Down

Just when you thought you had everything covered under shooting to include guns, ammo and accessories and just when you thought you had your escape and evasion plan, or your bug out plan, or whatever you want to call it planned, food is taken care of, transportation is covered, someone has to bring up communication.

AK - SKS Scabbard

SKS-AK Scabbard

The Military SKS-AK Scabbard is an item I recently took a chance on purchasing. If you are expecting a top of the line, grade A, leather-bound scabbard this is not for you. For the price though, I thought it would at least be a great pouch for my tactical Mossberg 500 shotgun that is leaning behind my bedroom door, to keep the dust off and provide easy access if needed.

These children are ready to bug-out.

Bugging Out with Kids

There are many philosophies on the best way to bug out. I have seen everything from underground shelters with all the comforts of home to ditching the wife and kids and heading out. I am going to assume that none of us is ditching our families. Preparing for bugging out when you have children takes extra thought and gear rather than if you are preparing as a single person.

Pick of key items you can carry on you to create an emergency survival kit:

What We Carry

When it comes to preparedness, the items you carry in your pockets or somewhere on you (such as in a briefcase or backpack) are essentially a “bare bones” survival kit.