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Bug Out Bag Checklist

Spring Storms Bug-Out Bag Check List

While some of you may still be shoveling snow, other parts of the country are experiencing damaging and fatal floods and tornadoes. Spring has definitely sprung and with that comes not only weird, but also severe weather patterns. Long-range weather forecasters, as reported from predict a worse storm season this year than we experienced in 2012 with “above-normal amount of tornadoes this season.”

Gun Store Etiquette

Top 10 Techniques & Tips (Nov 17, 2012)

The Cheaper Than Dirt staff has compiled dozens of how-to articles over the years, covering purchases, tactics, storage, and many other topics. However, a handful of stories have piqued the community’s interest. Click below to check out our top-10 most-read technique items from the archives.

Disasters can be unexpected

Prepping is Smart, Not Crazy

The media portrays the lives of preppers and survivalists on our home televisions with regularity. They usually portray them as being a little off. Some of this is no doubt due to the behavior of the individuals, while the remainder is due to clever editing by the producers. While a portion of the media pushes the average American to think that preppers and survivalists exist on society’s fringes, the government and other parts of the media encourage all Americans to prepare their homes for a catastrophe.

Bug Out Bags and What to Put in Them

A bug-out-bag doesn’t necessarily have to be the bag that sits around in your garage waiting for a possible emergency evacuation situation. It can also be your grab and go bag for all different types of situations like road trips and hunting, camping, and hiking trips; basically any type of situation where the possibility of being stuck or lost is plausible.

For those of you with a basement...

Survival for the Non-Survivalist

There are some who completely don’t get it, some that over get it, and then some of us who get it, but don’t do too much about it. I know all three types of these people. I don’t know if it is laziness or the fact that I work in a building attached to a warehouse full of survival gear, but I just have not been as diligent about storing up as I should be.