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A black SAR 9mm with a box of PowerStrike Ammunition against a background of gray boards.

Allegiance Ammunition PowerStrike

For most of my service career, I was interested in a handgun load with a good balance of penetration and expansion. Penetration is the single most important factor in wound potential. Without adequate penetration, we have nothing. During the majority of this time, I also worked in rural areas.

Five AR-15 magazines with a gold-toned one on the left and four others in shades of gray on a white background.

Magazine Maintenance

In times of shortage, it isn’t only ammunition that is difficult to find. Parts and accessories become difficult and expensive as well—when found. A magazine isn’t an accessory; it is a necessity and so are spare magazines.

Chiappa 1911-22 pistol with two magazines

Chiappa’s Affordable 1911-22

Sometimes you just have to have fun. The handgun covered in this report is among the all-time fun handguns to cross my path during the past 50 years of shooting.  It works, cracks off with every shot, is accurate enough for meaningful practice and would not be out-of-place hunting small game. That’s right, taking game. The .22 handgun is a great game getter. And just because the piece says ‘1911’ doesn’t mean it is a purely defensive and tactical handgun—far from it. The .45 ACP 1911 has taken its share of game animals and the 1911 .22s are well suited to outdoors use as well. While their primary use is recreational, do not short change a good .22.

two Lightfield Home defense rounds

Lightfield’s Rubber Ball Loads

I have often stated that the shotgun isn’t just a weapon, it is a weapons system. The new Home Defender products from Lightfield ammunition underscore this statement. The shotgun will digest birdshot, buckshot, slugs, bean bags and all manner of munitions.

Hungarian 7.62x54 Mosin Nagant rifle with original boxed cartridges.

Shooting the Russian 7.62×54

Over the years we have seen a steady progression in rifle performance, and the modernization of rifle powder. Black powder rusted the metal almost as soon as it was fired. Modern rifle powder, such as Varget, is very clean. Corrosive primed ammunition isn’t something to be avoided, and the powder burn is often clean. You simply have to follow a few steps to fire and use this affordable ammunition.

Right side of the Mosin Nagant with a wood slat fence in the background

The Mosin Nagant — A Must Own Rifle

My first center fire rifle was a Mosin Nagant. I think quite a few of you may be able to say the same. The rifle cost $65, and it was a poor example of the type having suffered the indignity of having the original military stock cut short and an odd-looking pistol grip nailed to the stock. However, in 1970 money, the Nagant cost more than a nice example costs today.

Smith and Wesson revolver with chamber open and wood grain grip, pointed downward on pale yellow background with partial wording showing.

Magnumitis: The .357 Magnum Cartridge

A Rifle on the Hip

You won’t find Magnumitis in the dictionary. The term, coined as a derisive nickname for the tendency of shooters to go for broke in the pursuit of power, simply implies a shooter who has succumbed to Magnumitis places power above accuracy.

A black Ruger .22/45, barrel pointed down, with 2 boxes of ammunition against a wooden background.

Why Buy the .22 Long Rifle Cartridge?

A proven resource in creating a marksman is the use of inexpensive .22 caliber ammunition and .22 caliber firearms. The rimfire offers little or no recoil, minimal report and good accuracy. It is recognized that the rimfire is a good training aid for pure marksmanship, that is trigger control and learning sight alignment and sight picture. In today’s tight economy, we see both .22 caliber conversions and dedicated .22 caliber firearms pressed into service in training. With the high, and increasing, costs of training, .22 caliber conversion units and .22 caliber firearms appear to be a good buy.

Bob Campbell

American Tactical (GSG) .22 Caliber 1911

Recently, my grandson and I enjoyed firing a top grade 1911 handgun. The pistol features a beavertail grip safety, crisp trigger, high-profile sights that are not only excellent examples of the type but adjustable, a light rail, and an ambidextrous safety similar to the Les Baer. The pistol handled well, proved quite reliable and more accurate than we would have guessed.

Glock 19 in black leather holster resting on swatches of exotic skins.

Do You Need a Glock19 Pistol?

The Glock pistol presently holds 75% of the police market, has enjoyed considerable military success, and is a tremendously popular civilian handgun. The pistol isn’t an old generation handgun but sprang forth in the early 1980s winning overnight acclaim.

A gray SIG P250, right facing muzzle on a light gray background.

In the Company of SIGs

A few months ago, Joyce and I visited the city of love and the city of lights. Just before we arrived there had been an unfortunate incident in Libya and a call for violence against Americans in Europe. The French president immediately took measures and let his paras do the talking for him.

The Canik 55 side view

Canik 55 Shark 9mm Pistol, a Handy, Accurate Choice

I have to admit to a bit of gun prejudice. Blue steel and walnut, chrome and cocobolo are what catch my eye. I do own and use a few black polymer handguns and find them useful, but when it comes to pride of ownership there is nothing like a 1911, High Power or CZ 75. This brings us to the subject of this review.