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LaserLyte Laser Steel Tyme Kit Compact Trainer 2 Target Boards High Impact ABS Polymer Blue

10 Thoughtful Gifts for Gun Nuts

The hardest part of buying a gift for a gun nut is finding something they do not already have, and something they will use. This year, we have done the work for you and selected gifts every gun nut will be happy to receive this holiday season.

Made specifically for sighting in your riflescope

Navigating and Buying Shooting Targets: Not all Targets are Created Equal

You may be surprised when browsing Cheaper Than Dirt’s targets. You may have never thought there were such a wide variety of different targets. Not only are there traditional bullseye, but also sight-in targets and even bleeding zombies. It might be overwhelming for the brand new shooter to decide which target to buy. You might start by price; however, picking the cheapest target on the page might not be the best target for your application. Not all targets are created equal.

The various sizes of targets keep the game fun and challenging.

On the Eighth Day of Christmas, My True Love Challenged Me to a Duel

Birchwood Casey’s Dirty Bird Saloon Shootout targets are not only fun for the seasoned shooter, but also perfect for the beginner, first time, young and timid shooter. Coming in a package of eight targets, the Saloon Shootout features cartoon depictions of an old West-style saloon with bandits and outlaws, a horse, whiskey bottles and a buzzard. Immediately identify each shot with Birchwood Casey’s reactive halo effect upon bullet impact. Each target measures 12 x 18 inches.

Zombie Defense: New Items, Easier Shopping

Birchwood Casey Darkotic Bug Targets

Birchwood Casey recently added icky, creepy crawly zombies to their line of Darkotic™ zombie targets. Just like their Darkotic zombie targets the bug targets splatter a white halo around each shot placement. There are four to choose from: a spider (Crawl Space), a fly (Buzz Kill), a cockroach (House Guest), and a mosquito (Blood Drive). Each target measures 12 by 18 inches on heavy-duty card stock that stands up to plenty of rounds. You get eight targets per package.

Sharpshooter IPSC Practice Targets

Birchwood Casey 2012 New Targets

For over 60 years, Birchwood Casey has been providing shooters with our favorite targets and gun care products. Last year Birchwood Casey created quite a buzz when they announced their line of Darkotic Splattering Zombie targets. All of us here at CTD have taken a few of the Darkotics out to the range. Sometimes range time is all about fun and sometimes range time is all about serious target shooting. For 2012, Birchwood Casey is releasing both fun and serious targets that I can’t wait to get my hands on.

Birchwood Casey Darkotic Splatter Targets

Are you ready for the Zombie Apocalypse? The CDC has released a preparedness plan in case zombies start roaming the streets! We feel they left out a very important part, firearms! Time to start practicing with Birchwood Casey Darkotic Splatter Targets!

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