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Taurus 85PFS

Protect Your Home for Less

Most individuals who buy firearms from us intend to use them for home or personal defense. More and more Americans are crossing the invisible line in deciding to exercise their Second Amendment right to own a firearm. With first-time gun ownership on the rise, it’s no surprise that many shoppers don’t want to dump two months worth of paychecks on their weapon of choice.

Thunder Pro Ultra Compact

The BP9CC: While You Weren’t Looking, Bersa Grew Up

I have a hard time saying “Bersa” without immediately following it with “Thunder.” The .380 ACP Thunder has been a favorite budget concealed carry gun of the American shooter for many years. It’s not as tiny as the Kel-Tecs, Diamondbacks, and S&W Bodyguards that have come since, but it successfully replicates the classic Walther PPK for half the price with great reliability and accuracy. I’ve seen tons of Bersa Thunders at shooting ranges across the country over the years, tried out more than a few of them, and never heard a Bersa owner complain about parts breakage or the reliability of the guns. The .380 Thunder shoots straight because the blow back design allows for a fixed barrel. The only complaints I’ve ever heard about them are the long trigger pull in double action (duh) and the small sights. And that’s pretty much all I knew about Bersa, until this year’s SHOT Show.