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S&W M&P15OR Optics Ready Rifle .223 Remington

The Three Guns I’m Saving For

We all have dream guns, ones we would buy if we happened to win the lottery, but what about guns that in the near future you could have the means to purchase? Here in the office, the boss man asked us what three guns, under $800, are we saving our pennies to buy. Here is my list:

The Beretta 84 in the movie, The Matrix.

My new love, the Beretta 84.

Sorry Smith & Wesson, but I love Beretta now. The .380 ACP and the guns chambered for the round have never really held any desire to me. Had you asked me what I thought of the .380, my answer would have been “meh.” Especially after .380 prices rose so significantly a few years ago. It just seemed like an over-priced, weak caliber that really didn’t serve much of a purpose. We each have a bias against certain calibers. The .380 was mine, but not anymore.