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Plated cartridge of Browning amunition

Range Report: Browning Ammunition

Over the past century, many gun makers have offered their own branded ammunition. Among the most successful have been Remington and Winchester. A few makers have offered ammunition made by outside vendors, including Smith and Wesson and Taurus. In these cases, things did not go as well. Browning, however, is another story.

Two regular round and 2 expanded bullets

Range Report: OATH Ammunition

When choosing ammunition for personal defense there are many considerations. The balance of expansion and penetration must be maintained. Penetration must never be compromised. It remains the single most important terminal consideration.

Black box with red and gold lettering of JHP training loads 50to a box on a white background

Train and Defend Ammo

Train and defend are simple watchwords. About 99 percent of the ammunition we fire is in practice. Competition shooting takes a lot of ammunition, although staying sharp also demands its share. The problem often is finding a good practice load.

Two boxes of CORBON ammunition

COR®BON 9mm High-Velocity Loads

I remember when the 9mm handgun was first issued in great numbers to peace officers. The first generation, before the SIG P226 and Beretta 92, were not very good handguns. They were often unreliable, and the fit, feel and accuracy were poor. The Smith & Wesson Model 59 was much less accurate than the revolvers it replaced. Few officers could successfully quality with the M59 at 50 yards. Yes, we qualified at 50 yards in those days.

9mm Parabellum (left) - .45 ACP (right)

Cartridge of the Week, the 9mm Parabellum, 9mm Luger, 9x19mm, 9mm NATO

People love to discuss the age of and continued popularity of the .45 ACP, thought to be the granddad of cartridges and still widely used. However, the .45 ACP does not hold the only reservation in age and popularity. Enter the 9mm Parabellum. Conceived in 1902 and pushed into service in 1904 for the German Navy, this cartridge predates the venerable .45 ACP by over three years.