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Bob Campbell handling the Kahr .380 pistol

Review: Kahr Tungsten .380 Pistol

Some years ago, when the Kahr 9mm pistol was introduced, I obtained and tested an example as soon as possible. In doing so, I found a reliable handgun with excellent features. A smooth Double Action Only trigger, excellent machine work, and a truly compact frame made for a trend-setting pistol. The design was both fresh and intelligent.

Baby Rock pistol pointing down at 45 degree angle in black

Range Report: Rock Island Armory’s Baby Rock Rocks!

After many years of shooting, training, and carrying the most effective handgun possible, I realized that many of my choices were not practical for the average shooter. There are many demands on their time and mastering a Commander .45, .357 Magnum revolver, or compact .40 is difficult. Compromises are inherent in the game. The happy medium between a service-size pistol and hideout derringer is often a quality self loader. The .380 ACP is a popular choice.

Colt 1903 on Sun Telegraph V-E Day news headline

Colt’s 1903 Safety Hammerless is Back!

A handgun that saw much action from its introduction to the end of the Vietnam War was the Colt 1903 Safety Hammerless. Just the right size for comfortable carry, reliable, and more accurate than most any handgun in its class, the Colt was a remarkable handgun on all accounts.

Kimber Solo Carry

The Finer Things in Concealed 9mm

Concealed carry pistols are coming out in increasingly larger calibers. The trend in the past has been to chamber a concealed carry pistol in .380, or some other smaller pistol caliber. Firearms manufacturers are finding out that many customers were willing to give up a smaller sized carry pistol, for a larger caliber. Many shooters consider the 9mm to be the minimum size round for an effective concealed carry handgun, and gun makers are following that trend. Whether or not 9mm is the minimum effective caliber is irrelevant. Since manufacturers are in this game to make money, therefore, they will make what people want to buy, and lately, people want the 9mm Luger.