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The pistol features good workmanship and proved reliable.

Review: Phoenix HP25A — Useful or Useless?

The pistol reviewed invites cliché. As long as it begins with “four” has been a strong motto for most of my handgunning life, but then I am a great believer in the .357 Magnum. The .22 LR is a fine recreational caliber, but the .25 ACP was designed purely for personal defense. The jacketed bullet and centerfire case are more reliable than the .22 rimfire with its heel-based bullet. A 50-grain FMJ bullet at 650 fps isn’t an impressive loading. But then, the best gun is the one you have with you,

CZ VZ 61 Skorpion Semi Automatic Handgun

Small Handgun Calibers

How many of you carry a back-up gun? Maybe you have a small pocket pistol for pests and plinking. I am pretty sure 95 percent of people I know who own guns have at least one .22 LR in their collection.

Taurus PT22

A Backup for your Backup

So what happens when your concealed carry is damaged, shot, or is out of reach? You pull out your other concealed carry of course. Taurus designed their small framed line as a sort of back up to your back up. While I prefer to carry a .45, a small caliber pistol in your pocket is better than a wad of lint.

K12 Competition

Sarsilmaz, The Coolest Pistols You Can’t Buy—Yet

Once upon a time, pistols had no metal injection molded parts. They did not have polymer frames and plastic triggers with a spongy feel. Manufacturers did not cut corners to make their products easier and cheaper to build in large numbers. No, once upon a time they carefully milled slides from solid hunks of forged high carbon steel. Frames were hot forged and machined, and little parts like safeties and mag releases were through hardened. Pistols had hammers you could cock and decock and safeties that firmly clicked on and off. Plastic was just for the grips, if you weren’t classy enough to buy wood panels. All of this changed in the mid-1980s with the arrival of the Glock “wonder-nine,” and the old way of making pistols slowly died out as hordes of inexpensive polymer guns flooded the market.