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Box of Fiocchi 62 grain ammunition

Fiocchi’s Hard Hitting Sierra MatchKing .223

When practicing with the .223 Remington/AR-15 combination, I am always on the lookout for quality practice ammunition. While I handload, I do not always have time to keep up with the demand made in testing rifles, practice, and teaching. Most of my practice loads are my own handloads put up in reclaimed brass and topped by some type of 55-grain FMJ.

Bob Campbell shooting the Wilson Combat Super Sniper AR-15

A Hard Look at the .224 Valkyrie

The AR platform is the Mr. Potato Head of rifles. From the .22 rimfire to the .458 SOCOM, the AR-15 is available in a host of different calibers. The newest and brightest addition to the AR-15 family is a 5.56mm diameter cartridge with more punch and long-range potential than the .223 Remington.