Gun Rights in Your State: The ILA and CRLDF

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I got a message this week from the NRA-Institute for Legislative Action. It consisted of a list of bills in the Texas Congress backed by the NRA. A message like this is usually a scroll-through read before deleting, but it caught my attention this time around. With all the new gun legislation making noise in Washington, it can make state legislation seem miniscule or inane. However, the biggest fights are going on in state legislatures. New York was the first to sign a very restrictive bill into law, and now New Jersey, Minnesota, and Colorado are proposing legislation that will restrict gun owners’ rights in many ways. State legislatures have more power than the federal government. Because of the smaller constituency and lobbying efforts, state governments can pass bills into laws with more ease than the U.S. Congress. So, you’re more likely to see restrictions on your gun rights come from your state than the federal government. The NRA-ILA knows this and lobbies for our rights at all levels of government.


The NRA established the ILA in 1975 with the mission of preserving the right of all law-abiding citizens to purchase, possess, and use firearms. The NRA-ILA was instrumental in the passage of the 1986 Firearm Owners’ Protection Act and have continued to lobby for our Second Amendment rights since. As not all policies that endanger our gun rights come from the federal government, the ILA works vigorously to prevent attacks from anti-gun legislators at the state level. The ILA lobbies against any legislation that directly or indirectly affects firearm ownership or use such as hunting, conservation, law enforcement issues, shooting ranges and criminal justice reform.

On the legal end of things, the NRA Civil Rights Legal Defense Fund lends financial and legal support to individuals and organizations defending the right to keep and bear arms. The NRA established the CRLDF in 1978 in order to have a voice in the court of law. By defending Second Amendment rights in court, the CRLDF is able to establish legal precedents that will protect gun owners’ rights.

Currently, both organizations have a law or case they are working on in every state. Some of the their lobbying efforts are going toward passing laws that protect Second Amendment rights, such as the law in Virginia that will protect the identities of those with concealed handgun permits. Other efforts are working to stop laws that would further encroach upon the rights of gun owners, such as the current legislation in New Jersey.

  • To learn which laws the ILA is currently working on in your state or how to get more involved, click here.
  • To see which cases the CRLDF is working on in your state, click here.
  • To join the NRA or renew your membership, click here.

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  • Tom Rutledge


    I read that the legislature of SC (or may be NC) has introduced a state bill making every state resident 17 or older part of the State Militia. What a GREAT idea!!! They want to defect the Feds attempts at gun control by making their state citizens part of their militia. May be more states should follow suit because if the Obama/Feinstein proposals become law many of us law abiding Americans will become criminals overnight. This type of state legislation could offer us some protection and keep us from becoming criminals.




    We the people for gun rights should boycott states like New York and California.
    Let those states feel the pinch in their wallets from less tourism.
    Money Talks. Thank you Cheaper Than Dirt. Fitz (Feb. 18 2013)


  • Chris


    While I appreciate the efforts CTD is making to support our rights, I feel that CTD does not go far enough in helping to force the repeal of illegal gun laws in the state of New York. CTD should follow the other companies and refuse ALL sales to government agencies in the state of New York until such time that the illegal law is repealed. When the guards around Bloomberg and Cuomo cannot get ammo for their guns, that is when they will finally wake up.


  • David Berlanger


    I live in ny. state, and our rights are being taken away. We need to vote out all of the people who vote for there wants and not the people. I want to have my rights back. All of the shootings from the one in the 1990s were with taken guns. The most recent act. The guns belonged to the mother. She did not have them safe. She know her son had problems. She is the reason it happened. All were not mentaly ill, they were psychopaths. The media gives them fame, and the next one will try for mory bodies. A person with mental illness will, kill himself, not mass murder. They are using miss infomation to take away rights freedom , and what we have always stood for.


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