Stand and Fight: Cheaper Than Dirt and NRA Offer $300 Lifetime Membership

By CTD Scott published on in General, News

APRIL 16, 2013 IS THE LAST DAY to take advantage of the $300 NRA lifetime membership offer. The normal rate is $1,000.

With prices of guns and ammunition at an all-time high, everyone can stand to save some money. Cheaper Than Dirt has partnered with the NRA to offer a $300 lifetime membership to the National Rifle Association. Cheaper than Dirt has joined the NRA in the Stand and Fight campaign in order to raise membership for the nation’s largest gun rights advocate. As I have written before, many people don’t agree with the NRA or don’t wish to support the organization. However, with multiple gun control bills being introduced in state and national governments, it is time to stand up and fight for our right to keep and bear arms. There are many organizations needing our support and this is not a call to ignore them, but rather to support those organizations and the NRA. If we have multiple strong voices in Washington and state governments, we can turn the tide of the gun grabbing hysteria.

You can get this for free when renewing your membership or joining the NRA

This bag from the NRA makes a great range bag, bug-out bag, or travel carry-on.

To aid in raising the numbers backing the NRA, Cheaper Than Dirt is partnering with its membership program by offering discount membership rates and added incentives. By joining the NRA today, you can receive a one-year membership for only $25 (a $10 savings). If you opt for a three-year membership, you will only pay $70 instead of the normal $85. A five-year membership through the Stand and Fight campaign will only cost $100, saving you $25. The best option for membership is the lifetime membership. Normally $1,000, the lifetime membership is only $300! When you join the NRA for life through this program, you will save $700. Any way you cut it, paying less than one-third for a lifetime NRA membership is a great deal.

9-LED handheld flashlight

Sign up for a three-year membership and get this 9-LED flashlight.

But wait, there’s more! By joining for at least one year, the NRA will send you a branded duffel bag. This high-quality bag is rugged, durable and makes a fantastic range bag to haul all your shooting gear to and from the range. If you sign up for a three-year or longer membership you will also receive a handheld flashlight. The 9-LED flashlight is branded with the NRA logo and comes with a handy strap that makes it easy to attach to your range bag, key ring or slide onto your wrist to keep it nearby.  These gifts are in addition to the normal NRA membership package of your choice of magazine, NRA logo hat, membership card and decal.

This offer is only available and valid until April 16, 2013. Now is the time to stand up for what you believe in. Now is the time to fight for your rights. Now is the time to join the NRA.

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Comments (130)

  • Claudia Smith


    Really??? I sure hope that’s a promise, little man, Cuz all your childish remarks, (IF worth anything AT ALL), would only come to two cents, IF THAT! You are EXTREMELY, and ever SO totally UNaware of what the NRA means to this country, what they’ve DONE for this country for well over 100 years (and the includes YOU AND your precious business)!
    They are the reason we can still protect ourselves, husbands are able to protect their wives, children and property!! They are the reason someone like an NRA member can come along and even defend your MOUTHY butt!
    So… CLOSE IT, buddy! There are others in this world besides you and your childish tantrums demanding your toys! Go take a nap. The NRA is too big for spoiled squirts like yourself. You should be ashamed of yourself. And you call yourself a BUSINESS OWNER???? Huh! Lol! Ri—–ght! Grow the HELL up!!!! GOOD HELP YOU WITH THAT much.


  • William Upleger


    Understand I did not sign up just for a duffel bag. However 4-6 months to deliver one when they promised it in 8-12 weeks? This is about the NRA making promises and offering incentives to millions of people, that they can’t deliver. And then telling those who question it, too bad. Oh and the membership is non-refundable even if we keep your money and don’t deliver the incentives we promised.. I am a business owner and i would never treat a customer or partner that way. That is my two cents for now..


  • William Upleger


    It is too bad that after 4 months they still have not delivered the duffel bag, however they are asking for more money.. Really, is this the way the NRA treats new members. I asked them if they can deliver or give me a date that they can deliver the bag, then cancel my membership. They tell me I can’t cancel…


  • Robert Seddon


    Dear number 126,
    If all you wanted was a cheap chineese range bag, you definitely joined for the WRONG reasons. I joined to protect MY second amendment rights (AND YOURS by the by) and THAT is the only reason.
    Robert Seddon
    Mineral, Va.


  • Charles


    I became a lifetime NRA member in early March and was promised a free range bag. Here is the crap I’ve put up with and their comments after waiting 17 weeks and contacting them multiple times. They blame it on their ‘supplier’ when there is nothing to prevent them from using a different supplier. Common business sense.

    I’ve lost respect for the organization due to this incident.

    Thank you for contacting us.

    Your NRA Digital Camo Duffel Bag has been ordered for you on 03/25/2013, but has yet to ship out to your mailing address. Due to the large response we received from the offer you responded to we are currently experiencing a backlog of orders. We apologize for the delay, and are working to fill every order as soon as possible. Please allow a few more weeks for delivery.

    Thank you very much for your patience and for your support!

    Best Regards,

    NRA Member Services
    11250 Waples Mill Road
    Fairfax, VA 22030
    Phone: 1-800-672-3888

    It’s now approaching 17 weeks (over 4 months for customer support) and still no range bag.


    I’m already in my sixty’s and not sure I will live long enough to receive it.


  • CTD Scott


    Gary and Lance, the offer is over, and we cannot extend it.


  • Lance Akovenko


    Is the discounted lifetime membership still available!?


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