Smith & Wesson Governor .410 bore/.45LC/.45 ACP Revolver

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Show goers are ga-ga over the Governor. Smith & Wesson’s answer to the Taurus Judge is a revolver chambered in .410 bore shotgun, .45 ACP (with moon clips) and of course .45 Long Colt.

Black Smith & Wesson Governor, barrel pointed to the left on a white backgroundThe double-action trigger pull is smooth and consistent, while the single-action trigger has a crisp “glass rod” break at just over 4 pounds. The 2.75″ barrel of the Governor gives it a nice balance, although both the .410 and .45 LC loads, while stout, are easily tamed despite the barrel’s short length.

With a scandium frame and titanium cylinder, the Governor weighs in at just 29.6 ounces. It’s 6-shot capacity gives it one round more than the Judge. Based on Smith & Wesson’s N-Frame revolvers, this elongated version is able to fire 2.5″ shells. No word yet on whether Smith & Wesson is planning a 3″ chambered version.

Smith & Wesson Governor Specifications

  • Caliber:.410 bore, .45 ACP, .45 Long Colt
  • Capacity: 6 rounds
  • Weight: 29.6 ounces
  • Chamber: 2.5″
  • Barrel Length: 2.75″
  • Overall Length: 8.5″
  • Width: 1.75″
  • Height: 5.5″
  • Sights: Dovetailed Tritium Front Sight, Fixed Rear

SLRuleFrom the press release on the Governor:

Governor – a new firearm engineered as the ultimate self-defense package. Offering multiple caliber capabilities along with a lightweight scandium alloy frame, the Governor carries forward Smith & Wesson’s rich history of revolver manufacturing and dedication to the personal protection market.

Smith & Wesson GovernorNamed the Governor for its authoritative appearance and specialized features, this new revolver provides discerning consumers with an essential tool for self-defense needs. At the core of this revolver is Smith & Wesson’s patented heat-treated scandium frame for superior strength and reduced weight. Capable of chambering a mixture of .45 Colt, .45 ACP and .410 gauge 2 ½-inch shotshells, the Governor is suited for both close and distant encounters, allowing users to customize the load to their preference. The shooter’s choice of ammunition is housed in the revolver’s six-shot stainless PVD-coated cylinder, which adds an extra level of protection to this already rugged platform. On top of the revolver’s compact 2 ¾-inch barrel, Smith & Wesson has added a dovetailed Tritium front night sight for enhanced accuracy in low-light conditions, while the Governor’s fixed rear sight is aptly suited for this self-defense handgun.

The Governor measures 8 ½ inches in overall length along with a width of 1 ¾ inches. Carry ability of this revolver has been further enhanced with the Governor’s unloaded weight of 29.6 ounces and standard matte black finish designed to reduce unwanted glare while adding an all-business like demeanor to this self-defense handgun. On the lower portion of the frame, the revolver will be packaged with either shock absorbing synthetic grips or with factory-installed laser grips from Crimson Trace. Accurate, rugged and reliable, the Governor is further enhanced by Smith & Wesson’s renowned smooth double-action and crisp single-action trigger pull. The new revolver will also come standard with 2-round and 6-round moon clips.

“For 159 years, Smith & Wesson has been at the forefront of revolver manufacturing with its advanced techniques and ground-breaking designs,” said James Debney, President of the Firearms Division for Smith & Wesson. “With the advent of the new Governor, this pioneering mindset continues as does our unyielding commitment to produce and bring to market self-defense orientated products that match the needs of consumers. Along with our broad range of personal protection firearms, the new Governor will take a leadership role that will give consumers a distinct advantage when defending themselves against unwanted dangers.”

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