SilencerCo Hopes Shotgun Suppressor Salvo 12 is a Hit

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Suppressor manufacturer SilencerCo has introduced what it is hoping is the first commercially-viable shotgun silencer.

The new product, named the Salvo 12, is a modular design that allows the shooter to add or remove sections to balance length, weight, and sound-suppression needs. It arrives as a 12-inch suppressor, but can be reduced to 10-, 8-, and 6-inch configurations as needed.

“The Salvo 12 represents a revolution in silencers, not just an evolution,” asserts Joshua Waldron, chief executive officer for SilencerCo. “There is a huge installed base of shotgun hunters and shooters that has been waiting for a product like this for a long time.”

SilencerCo’s sales angle is to protect the hearing of shotgun owners just as the record-breaking proliferation of rifle and handgun suppressors do for those users.

The Salvo 12 is made for 12-gauge shotguns, and at its full 12-gauge length, measures 12.19 inches and weighs 32 ounces, according to company specifications. It is 2.21 inches wide and is 2.96 inches tall.

More important, sound levels at the shooter’s ear is 132.0 dB for the 12-inch configuration, 134.1 dB for the 10-inch configuration, and 137.0 dB and 140.6 dB for the 8-inch and 6-inch set-ups, respectively.


Is a shotgun suppressor something you would use while bird hunting or for self-defense? Let us hear your thoughts in the comment section.

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  • brian


    I do believe a suppressor should be used for indoor shooting ranges.Also it makes shooting a gun less intemidating for those who are afriad of the loud blast


  • Mike


    I believe all firearms should be required to be suppressed as they are not “silenced” and only do damage to our hearing.
    Sure, at the rang we have the time to prepair by adding hearing protection, but in a home invasion or in an attack on the street, who has time to fumble with hearing protection?


  • Robert


    What is the db rating of 12guage without suppressor?


  • mdhawthorne


    To answer the question asked, I would definitely use this for a home defense option. I have been in rooms where a 12 gauge shotgun has been fired and the acoustic damage is, to say the very least, painful.


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