SHOT 2013 Preview: Winchester Model 73 .357 Magnum

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Do you love the historical lever-action rifles? Then you’re going to dig this one. How about a Winchester Model 1873 in .357 Magnum. I know the .45 Colt or .32-20 would be historical but .357 and .38 Special are more cost effective so my History degree will forgive me.

The Original Model 1873 - Welcome Back

The Original Model 1873 – Welcome Back

Set up in a short carbine model it is a replica of the gun that won the west. With a 20-inch barrel, classic rifle style foregrip and blue steel crescent buttplate, this is a great looking rifle. The magazine tube is full length and will hold 10 rounds of .357 Magnum or 11 rounds of .38 Special.

Its overall length is just 39 inches and that would make it a great saddle rifle. With the caliber and length it would make a great youth gun, but I would get a little recoil pad as a steel buttplate is not forgiving on young or new shooters shoulders.

If you have never fired one of these rifles in a pistol caliber, it can put the fun back into shooting. I love shooting lever-actions in .30-30 but it can eventually take a toll on ones shoulder. Due to the rifle platform and the handgun cartridge, it makes for an all-day-at-the-range gun if one can afford the ammo these days.

While the shoulder may not suffer much pain, the price may cause a little at over $1,200. However, for those who appreciate these firearms know a quality family rifle can be passed on costs more than a Tupperware gun. Welcome back old friend.


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