SHOT Show 2013 Special Edition: New Shotguns (Jan 17, 2013)

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Reports are rolling in from Cheaper Than Dirt! staffers at SHOT Show 2013 in Las Vegas covering new shotguns introduced at the event.

Chiappa Firearms Triple Threat Shotguns Available This Month

January 2013 availability of the Chiappa Firearms Triple Threat 3 barrel Shotgun was announced at SHOT Show. See Ron Norton of Chiappa firearms demonstrate the unique capabilities of the Triple Crown Shotgun below:


Mossberg Introduces Recoil Reduction System on Select Pump-Action Shotguns

O.F. Mossberg and Sons, Inc. and Mathews, Inc. have partnered to develop a new Recoil Reduction System, which will be featured on seven new Mossberg pump-action shotguns in 2013. The system features a unique Mossberg Dual-Comb (low and high profile inserts) stock design incorporating Mathews Harmonic Damper Technology combined with a newly re-engineered thermoplastic elastomer recoil pad. Claim: up to 20% reduction in felt recoil.

The Mossberg Recoil Reduction System will be available on select 835 Ulti-Mag and 535 ATS Turkey and Waterfowl 12 gauge 3 1⁄2-inch pump-action shotguns and two 500 12-gauge 3-inch pump-actions, a Field/Deer Two-Barrel Combo and a special-purpose Tactical 6-Shot model.
The Mathews Harmonic Damper incorporates a patented counter-phase technology that interrupts the recoil wave while weights floating in an internal elastomer wheel absorb recoil vibrations. The Mathews Damper is housed in an exclusive Mossberg stock with interchangeable low and high profile combs to ensure a more comfortable fit and overall reduction of felt recoil. Additional comfort is provided by the recoil-absorbing, thermoplastic elastomer recoil pad.

Models for the new stocks appear in the graphic below.

Mossberg Recoil Reduction Models

Mossberg Recoil Reduction Models


Mossberg Expands Line of 20-Gauge Shotguns

Mossberg is expanding its line of 20-gauge offerings with two new Mossberg 500 8-Shot Pump-Actions and two updated Mossberg International SA-20 Autoloaders (6-round total capacity).

Built on the 500 platform, the 20 gauge (2 ¾ and 3-inch capability) pump-actions have non-binding twin action bars, positive steel-to-steel lock-up, anti-jam elevator, fixed cylinder bore on the 20-inch barrels, and Ghost Ring aperture sights. Exposed metalwork has a non-reflective matte blue finish, while stocks and forends are constructed of synthetic, feature a matte black finish. For 2013, two new 20 gauges are available – 500 8-Shot Bantam with shortened 13-inch length of pull (54300) and 500 8-Shot with 6-Position Adjustable Stock (54301).

The SA-20 Autoloading Shotguns come in 2 ¾ and 3-inch chamberings and have a gas-operating system which vents excess gases to reduce recoil and lessen stress on operating components. The shorter 20-inch barrels have fixed cylinder bores and are topped with a fiber optic winged front sight and Ghost Ring rear sight. Receiver-mounted Picatinny rail provides for the addition of optics and distinctive mag cap tri-rail allows for the attachment of accessories or lights. Matte blue metal finishes; durable black synthetic stock with front and rear sling swivel studs; Easy Load elevator; 6-round total capacity; and cross-bolt safety complete the standard features. Updated for 2013 are the SA-20 with Full-Length Pistol Grip Stock (75780) and the SA-20 with Standard Synthetic Stock (75778) with new mag cap tri-rails.


Mossberg 8-Shot 20 Gauge

Mossberg 8-Shot 20 Gauge


Benelli Offers the First Left-Hand 20-Gauge Model in the M2 Field

Benelli has introduced the company’s first 20-gauge autoloader designed and made for left-handed shooters. The latest left-hand model from Benelli is the M2 Field in 20 gauge, available in a black synthetic stock with GripTight, a synthetic, high-tech over-coating bonded to the stock and fore-end that is weather-resistant and provides a sure grip, wet or dry. Optional combs are available to adjust the comb height from standard, to raised or extra-high heights.

The ComforTech stock features a gel butt pad specifically designed to fit the left shoulder. Optional butt pads include a short pad providing a 14-inch L.O.P. a medium pad providing a 14⅜ LOP (standard) and a long pad providing a 14¾ LOP. The M2 Field 20 Ga. left-hand also comes with a set of shims for adjusting the buttstock’s drop and cast.

COMMON SPECIFICATIONS: Magazine Capacity: 3+1 Crio® Chokes: C,IC,M,IM,F. Sights: Red bar front sight Length of Pull: 14-⅜” Drop at Heel: 2-¼” . Drop at Comb: 1-½” (Includes shim kit to adjust drop and cast). Overall length: 47.3” . Finish: Black synthetic. Weight: 5.8 lbs. Minimum Recommended Load: Use 2-½-dram, ⅞-oz. loads in all Benelli 20-ga. semi-auto shotguns MSRP: $1519.

Benelli M2 Field 20 Gauge


Benelli Offers a New Montefeltro with a Synthetic Stock

Benelli’s Montefeltro will be offered with a slim, synthetic stock. Previously, the model was only available with a walnut stock.
SPECIFICATIONS: Magazine Capacity: 4+1 Crio® Chokes: IC,M,F. Sights: Red bar front sight Length of Pull: 14-⅜” Drop at Heel: 2-¼”. Drop at Comb: 1-½” Overall length: 47.5” Weight: 6.9 lbs. Minimum Recommended Load: Use 3-dram, 1-⅛-oz. loads in all Benelli 12-ga. semi-auto shotguns. MSRP: $1139.

Benelli Montefeltro Synthetic Stock

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