SHOT Show 2012 Special Report: Iver Johnson Arms Thrasher Officer’s 1911

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Established in 2004, the new Iver Johnson Arms, Inc. company currently manufacturers a few different models of firearms, including shotguns, M1 carbines, and the Frontier Four Derringer. Shooters Arms, in the Philippines, manufactures their new Officer’s 1911 pistol, the Thrasher.

The Thrasher is offered in SS Polished (stainless steel), Polished, SS Satin (stainless steel), and Blued models. Though each model includes different features, all come with the following standard features:

  • CNC machined frame and slide
  • 7 round magazine
  • 3-1/8″ bull barrel
  • 2 stage recoil spring system
  • Beavertail grip safety with memory bump
  • Round, combat-style hammer
  • Lowered and flared ejection port
  • Beveled magazine well
Iver Johnson 1911 Officer

Iver Johnson 1911 Officer

The SS Polished and the Polished models both include a polished bull barrel, skeletonized trigger, low profile, Novak style cut rear sight with dovetail front sight, angled slide serrations in front and rear, rosewood big diamond grips, and an extended thumb safety.

The SS Satin and the Blued models both include a solid military-style trigger, military-style fixed front and rear sights, angled slide serrations in the rear, walnut big diamond grips, and a standard thumb safety.

The Thrasher series, designed to be a value priced pistol, has an MSRP ranging from $586.00 to $784.00. At that price point, especially when you consider the fact that they have gotten very decent reviews, how can you go wrong by picking one up and shooting the heck out of it? Besides, can you really have too many 1911s?

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  • Timothy Yorgan


    I fell in love with the 1911 during Viet Nam era Naval service, so I bought a “High Standard” gov’t 1911, for my night stand home weapon. With my CCW license, I wanted the knockdown power of .45 ACP with accuracy from 12 to 25 feet and easy conceal. I love my little “Thrasher” but out of the box, needed some work on my part (I’m a retired machinist). Defense hollow points jammed, so I gave it the standard “Wad-Cutter” modifications, i.e., polish the frame ramp plus open and polish the barrel feed ramp bottom. The thumb safety protruded on the bottom past the grip safety and rubbed on the web of my hand so I ground, polished, re-blued it. The slide stop magazine lug protruded too far inside and ascending rounds would bump it and prematurely lock the slide open, I ground and polished it. Now it operates as smooth as a hot knife through butter. 1911’s need some tweaking and this wasn’t a lot for the bottom end of their line, plane jane, matte finish “Thrasher.” It is my favorite weapon and regular carry.




    i had the iver johnson commander i love it but i trade it for the thrasher ss so i fell n love with the thrasher this is the perfect gun 4 me out the i shoot good groups but the hollowammo i had jam the mag no the type of hollowpoint i had shoot ballammo perfect remington!!! , well got extended slidestop & 2 wilson combat mags , ill try shooting other types of hollows the more rounder the better. THANKS IVER JOHNSON


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