SHOT 2015—New Lights From SureFire

By Suzanne Wiley published on in Gun Gear

SureFire demonstrated a ton of new products at its booth at SHOT Show 2015. Some were upgrades of old stand-bys. SureFire added a new color to its best-selling weapon light. Some products are brand new—while others appeared at previous shows, and were not yet available are now finally shipping.

Four products jumped out at me:

  • XC1 pistol light
  • P2X Fury with IntelliBeam Technology
  • 2,400-lumen Dominator
  • X300 Ultra weapon light with tan finish
Close up of SureFire compact pistol light

This is SureFire’s smallest pistol light to date. Photo courtesy of the Gun Show Podcast.

XC1 Pistol Light

This is SureFire’s smallest pistol light to date. The company based the dimensions of the XC1 pistol light around the GLOCK 19. The light will not extend past the muzzle of the gun, is the exact same width, and optimized for concealed carry. The recoil-proof LED produces 200 lumens. There are two ambidextrous ways to turn on the light. At the back of the light are switches on either side for momentary on. In the middle of the light, on both sides, is a rocker bar for constant on. Powered by one AAA—lithium or alkaline—front-loading battery, the SureFire XC1 will run for 1.5 hours. The integrated universal mount fits any standard handgun rail. Constructed of aluminum hard-anodized MIL-Spec finish, it has a weatherproof gasket seal. It is 2.375 inches long, the bezel is 0.375 inches wide and it weighs just 4.1 ounces.

P2X Fury IB

Black SureFire LED light with self adjusting beam

SureFire’s proprietary IntelliBeam Technology self adjusts the brightness of the flashlight depending on ambient light.

I found the innovation on the P2X Fury IB particular intriguing. SureFire’s proprietary IntelliBeam Technology self adjusts the brightness of the flashlight depending on the ambient light. Inside the reflector is a sensor that detects how much surrounding light there is and automatically adjusts itself with 240 different settings between 5 and 600 lumens. It surprised me how quickly and smoothly the transitions were from close-up to spotting on targets further away. There is a tail cap button to override the IntelliBeam automatic adjustment. The dimensions on the P2X Fury IB are similar to the standard P2X Fury—5.8 inches in length, 1.4-inch bezel and weighing 5.8 ounces. Constructed of aerospace aluminum, the P2X Fury has a MIL-SPEC Type III hard-anodized finish and is O-ring and gasket sealed. The SureFire P2X Fury IB takes two 123A lithium batteries and has a 1.5-hour run time on high and a 45-hour run time on low.


Seen last year at SHOT, the Dominator is finally in full production and shipping. The Dominator is SureFire’s most powerful light, boosting a 2,400-lumen LED. There are nine brightness settings from 14 to the blinding full 2,400 lumens. One Li-ion rechargeable or 12 (123A) batteries power it. It operates on constant-on, momentary-on, MaxBlast or strobe to disorient a perp. Compact for the power it holds, the Dominator is 11.6 inches long, has a 3-inch bezel and weighs 2.4 pounds with batteries. The Dominator’s MSRP is $1,370 and it will be in stock soon.

Desert tan X300 Ultra handgun and long gun weapon light by SureFire.

The X300 Ultra in desert tan fits either handguns or long guns and has a maximum output of 500 lumens.

X300 Ultra

The X300 Ultra is SureFire’s top-selling weapon light and after years of demands from customers to produce the light in tan, SureFire finally comes through. The X300 Ultra in desert tan fits either handguns or long guns and has a maximum output of 500 lumen. It features ambidextrous activation and the integrated Rail-Lock system quickly attached and detaches from any universal or Picatinny rail. Its constant or momentary on is activated by an ambidextrous switch on the back of the light. MSRP is set at $299.00 and it will be in stock soon at Cheaper Than Dirt! If you can’t wait, you can buy the standard SureFire X300 black model for $189.00 by clicking here.

What new SureFire models are your favorite? Did I miss any of the greatest ones? Tell me in the comment section.

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