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Though I like pink, I believe I speak for many women who love firearms—even though we appreciate manufacturers giving us products designed with us in mind, we’re kind of tired of pink. Enter the brand new Taurus 85 View—a very tiny snub-nosed .38 Special +P-rated concealed carry revolver. The pre-released Taurus 85 View pictures did not do much for a real-world perspective on the gun. I loved its look right away when I saw the press release. I find it more stylish and classy than a pink frame or pink grip. That’s because the Taurus 85 View has a clear, Lexan side plate that reveals the inner workings of the revolver. It is truly a groundbreaking and innovative-looking revolver. The steam punk-influenced mini revolver shoots double-action only and has a titanium cylinder with aluminum frame. The barrel is a very small, just 1 inch, and it’s only 5 inches long, overall. The one in the picture has the matte stainless finish with the clear Lexan side plate. (It will also be available in pink… cue eye roll.) The Taurus 85 View holds five rounds and has ramp front and notch rear fixed sights.

Picture shows the Taurus 85 View mini revolver in a man's hands. The revolver has a clear, Lexan side plate to allow you to view the inner workings of the revolver.

The Taurus 85 View has a clear, Lexan side plate that reveals the inner workings of the revolver.

For 2014, Taurus is committed to making innovative, high quality, reliable guns. This might have been more the inspiration behind the aesthetics of the View. Taurus president and CEO Mark Kresser says, “Many new and exciting changes are continuing to take place behind the doors of Taurus these days. Some of them may not be so obvious to the naked eye, yet others will let you take a look into the heart and soul of our company and our products.”

The Taurus 85 View was one of the guns we were anxious to get our hands on. As you can see by the picture, the gun is very small. Big man hands could only get a one-finger grip on it. It is very light and will be an excellent carry gun for men and women alike. I imagine it fitting snug in pockets, boots and bra holsters. Besides its concealability and non-.380 ACPness, seeing the model 85’s guts is really cool. This little baby is just screaming extremely easy and comfortable to conceal carry anywhere on the body. I can’t wait to see what women’s holsters will be made for the Taurus model 85 View. Prices have yet to be released.

Would you conceal carry the Taurus 85 View? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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