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At the 2014 SHOT Show, SIG SAUER made a strong showing. One innovative idea was a weapons system designed with wounded soldiers in mind. Many veterans choose to defend their homes with similar weapons to the ones they carried on duty, and SIG SAUER, with the help of veterans, came up with an answer for anyone with the use of only one arm—the pistol stabilizing brace (PSB).



Believe it or not, this is a pistol. The ATF reviewed this product and determined that attaching the PSB to a firearm does not alter the classification of the firearm or subject the firearm to NFA control. Designed for one-handed use, the butt stock is actually an arm cuff. The Velcro strap wraps around the underside of the shooter’s forearm and lets you operate the weapon without the opposite hand. SIG said they did not intend the shooter to operate the weapon against the shoulder.

The designers made the PSB system to dramatically improve the single-handed performance of buffer tube equipped pistols. When we sampled the weapon, we found it easy to lift and point since the cuff added much more stability. Without the cuff, the stabilization of the gun would depend on the muscles in the wrist. The cuff distributes the work throughout the user’s entire arm. It’s a good idea for those who may have physical challenges, but still want to put rounds downrange.

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