SHOT Show 2014 — Rock River Arms 7.62x39mm LAR-47

By Suzanne Wiley published on in News

Team AK or Team AR? Now you can be kind of both with Rock River Arms’ (RRA) LAR-47 semi-automatic rifle. No, it is not an AK-47 wearing a Halloween costume. It is an AR-15 built from the ground up to reliably feed and shoot 7.62x39mm from (most) standard AK-47 magazines. It’s the perfect gun for the black rifle enthusiasts who hates the AK, but loves the 7.62x39mm round.

Picture shows a black rifle, highlighting the enlarged and rounded trigger guard to accommodate an AK-47 magazine.

Team AK or Team AR? Now you can be kind of both with Rock River Arms’ (RRA) LAR-47.

Though, Rock River Arms had to start from scratch with a newly designed upper and lower receiver in order for the rifle to accept AK-47 magazines, the LAR-47 uses a direct impingement gas system, as opposed to the AK’s piston-driven system. You can expect a well-balanced rifle that feels and operates just like an AR-15, with the exception of the odd-looking trigger guard and mag well. Internally, the LAR-47 has a heavier hammer spring than your normal .223 Rem AR and a modified bolt carrier group—all to handle the AK mags and 7.62 round without problems. The bolt and feed ramps have also been enlarged.

Picture shows a close-up of an Rock River Arms LAR-47 rifle.

You can expect a well-balanced rifle that feels and operates just like an AR-15; with the exception of the odd-looking trigger guard and mag well.

Currently, there are two models—the CAR A4 and Delta Carbine. Both feature a 16-inch HBAR barrel with a 1:10 twist (typical AK-47 barrel twist), a two-stage trigger, A2 flash hider with 5/8-24 thread, and an ambidextrous magazine release. The differences are slight. The CAR A4 model has a six-position CAR stock, A2 pistol grip, CAR handguards, and a gas block sight base. The Delta Carbine model has a six-position Delta CAR stock, ERGO SUREGRIP, two-piece quad rail, and a low-profile gas block. The CAR A4 is listed for $1,270, while the Delta Carbine is a bit more expensive at $1545.

If you are worried about fouling from cheap, dirty surplus ammo, RRA has you covered. The essentials—barrel and bolt carrier group—are chromed.

Early testers found that most standard AK-47 magazines feed reliably in Rock River Arms’ LAR-47 rifle, even surplus steel mags.

Picture shows the right side of the trigger guard on a RRA LAR-47 rifle.

It’s the perfect gun for the black rifle enthusiasts who hates the AK, but loves the 7.62x39mm round.

Will the RRA LAR-47 be the solution to the age-old conundrum “AK or AR?” We will have to wait and see. The rifles start shipping in February. RRA is currently taking preorders for the LAR-47 Delta Carbine and LAR-47 CAR A4.

Are you Team AK or Team AR? Are you ready to be both? Tell us in the comment section.

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Comments (7)

  • Ryan


    It should be known that the LAR-47 does not feed well from most if not all polymer mags. Rock River says the rifle with is compatible with most AK mags but that only applies to steel and the proprietary RRA Thermold mag it comes with. Even a stock Thermold AK mag will not work. The difference is in the feed lips of most polymer mags are too thick to allow the bolt carrier to properly feed and extract. I bought 4-5 different brands of polymer mags and none worked. Overall, I’m very happy with the rifle tho and have had it for about 1.5 years.


  • John Ferguson


    What about the Czech VZ58 as on option to the AR vs AK choice? The VZ 58 is chambered for the 7.62 x 39, is striker fired with a large bolt mech that stays open when last round is fired, and the feed ramp and ejection port are large to avoid jams. The critical areas like the barrel are chromed for firing durability. They come with 30 rd magazines and I have used everything from steel to brass to surplus ammo and have never had a jam.Accuracy is very good between 100-300 meters. My opinion is the VZ 58 is one of the best kept secrets of the 7.62 x 39 chambered weapons—too bad they have become pricier and harder to get.


    • Kevin


      I love my VZ58, it’s far more accurate than most AKs. Since the Czech army is replacing the VZ58 with a new rifle, I hope to see a LOT of surplus units turning up at reasonable prices.


  • Jeff


    ASC, makes a good and reliable feeding AR mag specifically built and tailored to the Russian 7.62×39 round.


  • Tom


    I’ve been waiting for release of this for nearly 2 years. Are u sure about the release date of Feb? Ive contacted them every month for a year and was told ” not at this time”
    “no date has been given” so is this date from RRA ?


  • Dan


    With a lot of AR companies coming out with the 7.62×39 it seems there would be a company that wound actually make a magazine that would actually work with the Colt AR 7.62×39. Yes, Armilite does make one but it is a POS and the follower tilts back and forth and the curve is not consistent for reliable feed. Colt makes a decent five round mag which works well, however, I would suspect an avid shooter would prefer a nice 20 or 30 rounder from Magpul. Would someone please make a decent mag for this fine weapon? I’m sure they would sell like hot cakes. Remember the AK is not the only 7.62×39 out there that needs decent magazines. Thank you.


  • thatguy


    Its gonna be very interesting to see who gets more attention in terms of the lar47 (RR) or the 556xi Russian (stupid name given the caliber difference but that’s By SS). I am personally more interested in the piston driven SIG Sauer because its using the same system the AK47 has. I am currently working with a PWS AR15 chambered in 7.62×39 and have yet to use my banana mags (sadly thanks to California rules and not owning mybown land). I have had the feed ramps dremmeled down to accommodate the larger round which pws stupidly thought m4 ramps would be a good idea. Ive had numerous issues such as stove pipes and double feeds as well as mag issues. If these two can make it work, I will definitely be getting my hands on one…Im just wondering if the bcg’s lugs will break off or not from continual steel feeding and extracting which many ARs in 7.62×39 have an issue with. I got some brass I’d like to expend though.


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