SHOT 2013: Winchester’s AA Tracker Tells You Where You Missed

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Did you ever have one of those, “Why didn’t I think of that” moments?

Teaching a new shooter how to engage clay targets effectively can be frustrating. Unlike rifle shooting where you can see where your shot hit, clay shooters are forced to make corrections based on guesswork and the feelof the shot. Winchester’s new AA Tracker ammunition aims to level the playing field. Like a type of training wheel for your shotgun, this shot shell deploys a brightly colored wad that opens and spins along the same path as your load. This allows you to see where you missed your clay. If you are shooting behind your target, it will be easy to tell by how far. You can make adjustments and dial in your aim much easier. Winchester provides two colors of the shot-following wads—orange for use against a green or cloudy sky and black for clear days. Shooters who have used this new ammo say you get about 35-40 yards of straight tracking to tell you exactly where your shots are going.

Winchester AA Tracker Shells

Winchester AA Tracker Shells

Are these new shells going to break the bank? Probably not. Winchester says the price of the AA Tracker will be about $1 more per box. Every dove hunter who has had a tough day in the field will tell you a little feedback from their shot location would help, and Winchester seems to have found the answer. It will initially be available in 2.75-inch #8 shot. I plan on picking up a few boxes when these things hit the shelves.

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