SHOT 2013: Ruger LC380

By Suzanne Wiley published on in News

What do you get when you cross the LC9 and the LCP? The Ruger LC380.

Ruger experienced great success with their compact pocket pistols—LC9 9mm and the LCP .380. Both have been top sellers at Cheaper Than Dirt. In developing new guns for 2013, Ruger asked, “How can we top it?” Their solution? The best of both worlds—the .380 ACP chambered LC380 semi-automatic handgun.

The new Ruger LC380.

New Ruger LC380

For those who are recoil-sensitive, the LC380 has a promising future. The same size as the LC9 means the LC380 will have less recoil than its LC9 sister. Ruger’s LC380 has the exact same features and specifications as the LC9. Ruger says the LC380 is “our lightest recoiling personal protection pistol yet.” It has a 3.12-inch barrel, is 0.90-inches wide, and has an overall length of 6 inches. It weighs 17.20 ounces. Ruger claimes that precieved recoil is much less with its shorter recoil spring and easier to rack slide. It includes the same safety features as the LC9 9mm with a loaded chamber indicator and slide lock-back. The Ruger LC380 has a polymer frame and alloy steel barrel. It holds seven rounds and includes a floorplate extension for a slightly longer grip. The improved adjustable high-visiblity 3-dot sights are something not typical on similar .380 pocket pistols from different manufacturers. Because of its size, the LC380 will fit holsters made for the LC9. Ruger suggested the gun retail for $449. Street value, however, is to be determined.

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