SHOT 2013 Preview: Stealth Recon Scout A1

By Dave Dolbee published on in Firearms, General, News

Can your favorite get any better? If your favorite is made by Desert Tactical Arms, it just may. Even if it isn’t made by Desert Tactical Arms, you may want to take another look because DTA has announced its newest iteration of the SRS rifle system.

Desert Tactical Arms SRSA1-Chassis

Not yet known well enough by the general population, DTA’s SRS-A1 is pushing the platform to new limits.

The SRS-A1 Rifle Chassis continues to build upon core SRS components and functionality to improve the overall shooting experience.

Specifically, the A1′s features include:

  • Adjustable Cheek Piece—Easily obtain optimal cheek weld with the new fully adjustable rubber molded cheek piece. Simply loosen 2 hex screws at the rear of the stock and adjust to your desired height. Even if you opt to keep the cheekpiece flush with the stock, the added cushion of the cheekpiece will keep you smiling.
  • Tool-less Buttpad Spacer System—Adjusting the length-of-pull just got easier. Desert Tactical Arms proprietary new buttpad spacer system makes adjusting the length-of-pull quick and painless. Modular spacers snap securely in place using the same attachment system as an ordinary camcorder battery.
  • Cushioned Butt Pad—Engineered to absorb even more recoil, the SRS-A1′s new cushioned buttpad adds maximum comfort without sacrificing an ounce of ergonomics or performance. Additionally, the non-slip surface of the new molded buttpad increases overall position stability.
  • Streamlined Modular Rail System—The A1 is lighter and more ergonomic than ever. Rails on the bottom and sides of the forearm have been eliminated leaving a smooth modular rail system, which allows you to position Picatinny sections only where needed. The top rail continues to extend the entire length of the forearm.

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  • Charles Lynn


    How much would one cost


  • barry


    def need a lot more info on this nice looking piece!


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