Shot 2013: NEMO Omen Match .300 Win Mag AR

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Hold on to your hats kids we are about to take a turn into the surreal. Let me break it to you straight and simple—an AR platform that shoots the .300 Winchester Magnum cartridge. There will be no finding Nemo; he will find you and at a long, long, long way off.


The OMEN represents a paradigm shift from traditional bolt-action towards precision ARs.

Just in case you think this is another Usual Suspects rifle that is only talked about in whispers but never seen, here you go. This picture was taken at SHOT Show 2013 today, and that my friends is Keyser Söze, The Omen, in 300 Win Mag.

This is no beginners rifle and it is not for the faint of heart. In modern sniper calibers, we’re looking at the .308 Winchester—perhaps at its sunset, the .338 Lapua—a new strong player, the 50 BMG—for trucks and such, and the .300 Win Mag. All of the cartridges had solid modern platforms from which to launch except the .300 Win Mag. That has now changed.

The Omen - Shot 2013

The Omen – SHOT 2013

The NEMO representative teased our guys at SHOT Show by referring to a new patent-pending plunger system as opposed to the standard buffer tube and spring system of standard AR platforms. Why the change? Well you don’t want to be pulling a buffer tube, spring and bolt carrier out of your shoulder when you shoot your new gun do you? In .300 Win Mag it would go through standard buffer system like hot knife through butter. This will be interesting to see in its final form.

The E ticket price of taking this ride will run about $5,699. For a serious long-range tactical rifle in a real-world potent caliber, that is not an unpleasant price. What do you get for writing that check?

Features and Specifications

THE OMEN - .300 Win Mag.

THE OMEN – .300 Win Mag.

  • Billet upper and lower receiver, SF Tiger Stripe Anodize
  • NEMO 22” .300 Win Mag match grade barrel
  • Geiselle SSA 2-stage match trigger
  • Free-float, black, customizable handguard with removable rail system
  • Low profile gas block
  • Nickel Boron bolt carrier assembly
  • NEMO side charging handle
  • NEMO PC Tornado flash hider
  • Mako sniper stock
  • Hogue overmolded black pistol grip
  • KNS anti-rotational trigger pins
  • 2 NEMO 14-Round Mags
  • Tru-Spec drag bag
  • Owners manual


  • Troy Micro Set Flip Up Sights: add $195
  • 26” Heavy Match Grade Barrel: add $425
  • Optics of your choice and cost

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Comments (13)

  • Scott Hunt


    I love this rifle but the price keep holding me back. You see its not just the rifle
    you also have to match it up with quality optic ( Night force )Bringing to total
    to almost 9000.00 that’s a lot of money


  • David


    I just held one with the 22″ barrel today. I was surprised at how light it was; I expected it to feel a lot heavier. Besides being lighter than expected, it was also surprisingly well-balanced. The store I found it in had a 22″ version and the 26″ barrel. I didn’t hold the 26″ one, but I expect it weighs quite a bit more with 4 extra inches of barrel, and the barrel isn’t fluted (the 22″ is). The store I found them in is in Southern CA, so they are starting to get out there. Price on the one with the 22″ barrel was $5399 at the store I found it in, which is a little less than most other places online that I’ve seen it. I’m just trying to figure out how to come up with the funds (even with their layaway plan, $5300 would be tough to swing). Prices are expected to go down as production increases.


  • Scott Hunt


    I want one so bad I might trade my 69 GTO …… Not !!!!


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