SHOT 2013: Mossberg MVP Flex Bolt Action

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My summary on SHOT 2013 in one word would be-yawn. However, there are a couple of items that have struck me as both original, practical and have a real world use. Last years winner, in my opinion, the Mossberg Flex shotguns. Now they have done it again with the Flex MVP bolt-action rifles.

Mossberg MVP Flex

Mossberg MVP Flex

The Mossberg Flex systems are just brilliant. While I have gotten better at swapping out my home defense shotgun into a field gun for doves and such, it can be tedious. This very morning a coworker of mine was ordering a new stock bolt for his Mossberg 500 that got misplaced in one such transition.

In regards to the Mossberg Flex they have now applied it to the MVP bolt-action rifles. It will be a hit. The calibers appear to be in .223/5.56NATO, .308/7.72NATO and possibly the 7.62×39. Well done again Mossberg. To me there is no better first hunting or shooting rifle for youth then that chambered in .223/5.56NATO. From a youth rifle to a big boy home defense application, no tools and in seconds this will do it.

Mossberg MVP FLEX  Connector

Mossberg MVP FLEX Connector

I can see a practical trunk option for the law enforcement patrol cars as well with this system. A gun when the pistol and shotgun lack the required distance for certain situations encountered. I carried an M1 carbine in the trunk of my patrol car for that purpose in the 1980s. I would have loved to have this system.

Finally, as a Just-In-Case (JIC) weapon, you could not go wrong with this set-up. I was sold on the Flex shotgun last year and I am sold on the Flex MVP-Kudos Mossberg.

Cost will run from $681 to $829 depending on features and caliber. All have detachable box magazines and Picatinny rails. For a good rifle that is well within reason and I hope they sell a ton. In addition, it almost helps me forget their tactical lever-action 30-30 from last year. Win some, lose some, I guess.

Mossberg MVP Flex Youth Sport

Mossberg MVP Flex Youth Sport

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