SHOT 2013: Molon Labe Industries to Begin Production of AR Polymer Magazines

By CTD Scott published on in Firearms, News

Molon Labe Industries of Belleair Bluffs, Fla., announces they will begin production of polymer AR magazines. Producing polymer magazines for the FNH SCAR since May, 2012, Molon Labe Industries is a veteran-owned and operated company. This year at SHOT, MLI announced that it will begin producing 30- and 40- Round magazines for the AR platform.

Molon Labe Industries announces its new polymer 30- and 40- round magazines.

Molon Labe Industries announces its new polymer 30- and 40- round magazines.

Molon Labe’s ingenious magazine designs use high-quality components that vastly out-perform factory-issued varieties. The polymer used in these magazines is virtually indestructible and holds up to impact and environmental extremes far better than competitors’. For an added bonus, this light-weight polymer can resist detection using Stealth-Tex IR Signature Reduction Technology.

Molon Labe Industries’ new AR mags will be STANAG compliant and usable in most AR platforms. The SCARmag AR/light 30 round will retail for $30 and the SCARmag AR/Light 40 round will retail at $40. These mags are pre-order and pre-production, so expect delays when ordering. Molon Labe’s AR and SCAR mags as well as other products are available from their website,

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