SHOT 2013: Hornady .45 ACP +P Critical Duty Ammunition

By Suzanne Wiley published on in News

Hornady’s Critical Duty line, designed especially for FBI and law enforcement demands, has been available for over a year, but only in 9mm and .40 S&W. Due to the .45 ACP’s size, it has been difficult for ammunition companies to develop a bullet that not only retains its controlled expansion and weight retention, but met the needs of the FBI’s minimum 12-inch target penetration standards. For 2013, Hornady successfully introduces the .45 ACP +P round meeting these stringent demands.

Hornady Critical Duty .45 ACP +P ammo.

Hornady .45 ACP +P ammo

Combining Hornady’s patented FlexTip and InterLock bullet designs, the .45 ACP Critical Duty round is loaded with a 220-grain FlexLock bullet. The bullet penetrates plywood, car steel doors, automobile windshield glass, and dry wall without losing its momentum or reliable expansion when hitting its target behind those barriers. The FlexLock bullet has a hard lead core and an InterLock band that keeps the bullet from separating. It will not plug or deform while passing through thick clothing.

Though Hornady’s Critical Duty line of ammunition will function in any size handgun, it is specifically designed to function most reliably in full-sized .45 ACP semi-automatic pistols.

Hornady’s .45 ACP +P Critical Duty is available in 20 round boxes at

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  • Mark


    I use this as my CCW ammo in 9mm. I really like the 135gr size.


  • Rick Rosado


    I was getting to buy a case then I read the ammo is out of stock.


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