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Here at Cheaper Than Dirt! we often get the question “which AR-15 is best?” That’s a dangerous question to ask a bunch of gun nuts like us. Pretty soon one guy is ranting about which guns the Navy SEALS use now, another guy is trying to explain about which barrel twist rate is best, and a third guy is talking about boycotting a company because they supported a politician he didn’t like 10 years ago. It’s hard to get a straight answer, we know. But the invisible hand of capitalism provides us with one kind of answer—perhaps the “best” AR-15 is the one that gun owners purchase the most. We ran a computer report of our best-selling long guns, dug into it looking for the AR-15s, and here are the results. All of these rifles represent an excellent value for the money, as proven by the fact that they were chosen most often!

#5 — Stag Model 3

Stag Model 3

5th best-selling AR-15, Stag Model 3

The Stag Model 3 comes with a chrome lined barrel, but the twist rate is 1/9, not optimal for shooting the heavier 70 grain and up 5.56 rounds that are currently all the rage with hunters and precision shooters. If you’re just going to be shooting 55 grain pills you won’t notice a difference. The great value of the Stag Model 3 is that it comes with a railed forend and railed gas block from the factory, so it’s completely ready to be accessorized. The disadvantage is, you HAVE to accessorize it immediately—with no factory sights included you’ll need to sink extra money into some way to aim this thing before you ever tote it to the range.

#4 — S&W M&P 15X

S&W M&P 15 X

#4, the Smith & Wesson M&P 15 X

The Smith & Wesson M&P 15 X is a lot like the Stag, but with iron sights! A traditional A-frame sight up front and a high quality Troy unit in the rear which folds down out-of-the-way so you have a clear view through your optic of choice. Again we have a chrome-lined M4 style carbine barrel, and again we have that pesky civilian 1/9 twist rate. The M&P comes in at just under a thousand bucks. Not bad but as you’ll see, not enough to make it quite to the top in terms of value either.

#3 — Bushmaster ORC

Bushmaster ORC

#3 is the Bushmaster ORC

Coming in at number three on our list is the a Bushmaster ORC. I personally think it would be cool if they tied it in to Lord of the Rings somehow, but I’m a dork that way. ORC stands for Optics Ready Carbine, which is shorthand for “hope you don’t like iron sights at all” because there’s no way to put irons on this gun without at least buying a railed forend. So why does it outsell the Smith & Wesson and Stag Arms guns? This rifle sports a chrome lined, 1/9 twist (sigh) barrel and quality components throughout. If you know before you buy that you’ll never want to shoot this gun using iron sights, why not save a couple hundred bucks over its competitors?

#2 — Colt SP6920

Colt 6920

Our runner-up, the legendary Colt 6920

The Colt 6920 is the closest thing the American citizen can get to the rifle issued to our soldiers fighting around the world. It is the highest quality rifle on this list. Barrel twist rate (finally!) is 1/7, one complete bullet revolution per seven inches of barrel, which is the military specification and which will effectively stabilize bullets from 55 grains to 77 grains in weight. They say the devil is in the details, and a detailed analysis of this gun will show it to be made of superior materials and workmanship. For nearly two decades now the 6920 has stood as the epitome of the “M4 Carbine,” and the loyalty to Colt and their design shows in the sales of this model.

#1 — CMMG M4 LE


And the winnah is… #1, the CMMG M4 LE

The number one selling AR-15 at Cheaper Than Dirt for 2011 was Central Missouri Machine Gun’s M4 LE. This proves the wisdom of its customers, because the CMMG is built to exacting specifications yet saves over $200 compared to the Colt 6920. The M4 LE comes with a folding back up sight from Magpul instead of the Colt’s detachable carry handle, and there are a few other differences. For example, instead of chrome lining the barrel is nitrided in a process CMMG calls their “WASP” finish, which provides for excellent corrosion resistance and improved accuracy over a chrome lined barrel. I honestly can’t think of an AR-15 that’s a better value per dollar spent. Maybe I’m biased, since I have owned many CMMG guns over the years, but obviously I’m not the only one who feels this way—more Cheaper Than Dirt! customers bought CMMG rifles than any other AR-15 this year!

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Tell us which AR is your favorite in the comment section.

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Comments (26)

  • lrshootee


    Glad I bought a few RRAs, and BCMs before all thus. Niue got my RRS 6.8 for sale because i have three of the same exact models, all with dd omega ff rail, knd, magpul ctr, asap, battle comp babc, all for 2k


  • Carl Harris Jr


    I am in the market for an AR but the market has gone through the roof LOL as we all know . I will keep watching and hoping and saving .
    Thanks for the info !


  • Gary Just


    You should have mentioned that for just a $100.00 extra for the Plus Package on a Stag AR carbine you get better barrel(chrome), 1/7 twist,M4 feed ramps, MP &HP bolt and barrel, M16 bolt carrier, heavy buffer, extra 30 rd mag. Well worth the money!!!


  • Mike Perrine


    Good way to put it, ha ha! The ones sold the most. First off, I have a simple solution for the M16/M4/AK controversy-I have an AK, an RPK LMG, a Kel Tec PLR-16 in 5.56mm as my ”Poor Man’s PDW rigged out with a tactical Gladius light and a mil issue green laser, and my investment in the AR platform-the Ruger SR in 6.8SPC. Yep, I waited on the gas piston. Having fielded the M16A1/A2 and M4, it was my personal choice for the ultimate set up I wanted. I have yet to meet anyone regretting the SR yet! I must like to settle arguments-I chose .45, .40 AND 9mm, although almost all of my 9mm’s use a good sized cache of 9mm JHP +P+ only. Ha ha ha~! Don’t you love having choices in America!?


  • Winston Buie


    opinions are like as….well you get my drift…my recommendation is try before you buy


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