SDF Video: Army Combat Veteran Loses Guns 2A Rights for 1,567 Days

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The Criminal Justice System seems to be taking on a new meaning in America where Citizens are presumed guilty until they are proven innocent. The CJ Grisham case continues to have folks scratching their heads. A retired Army First Sergeant went on a merit badge walk with his scout son out on a country road and winds up in jail after legally carrying a rifle in Texas. The case became controversial, because veteran Temple law enforcement officer Steve Ermis decided to make up a law on the side of the road and disarmed a Texan. It wall all caught on video.

The case was finally resolved after hundreds of hours of litigation and monetary value of $175,000 in court costs. Grisham regained the right to open carry a handgun two years later, with a License to Carry.

“We are honored to help a decorated veteran regain his property after so many years,” said Larry Keilberg, national director for (SDF). “You have so many people that are always going to take the officer’s side of events, but we are glad to have supported a military veteran who was minding his own business until someone like officer Ermis intervened and infringed on legal activity.

“Our SDF attorney team stood by Grisham all the way, fighting for him against an out of control legal system starting with a bully cop, manipulation of the charges to fit the defense case, followed by a very biased judge, Neal Richardson, who said (as reported in the media), that the Grisham family were ‘Local Yokels’ and that he ‘was a better parent.’

“Grisham and the SDF attorney team sued the city and the two police officers in Federal Court and a trial date was set based on the evidence presented. The SDF paid a police expert witness in preparation for the trial and a week before the trial, Federal Judge Walter Smith Jr. changed his mind and dismissed the case only later to be removed from the bench for being intoxicated in his chambers and sexually molesting his court reporter and others multiple times. It makes the public distrust the system,” Keilberg noted.

“We are very supportive of Constitutional Carry in Texas,” said Andy Valadez, Marine veteran (non-combat) and marketing director for “Most law enforcement officers have come to understand that many Americans who choose to carry should not be treated like criminals on-site, mutual respect goes a long way and good guys are not bad guys.”

“It saddens me that my family had to go through this legal abuse,” said CJ Grisham, Founder of Open Carry Texas. “I fought overseas for my country and led men in-theater, only to come back home and have to fight my own country. We have problems that need to be dealt with regarding how law-abiding citizens are treated by fellow oath takers.”

Do you have legal defense coverage? Perhaps you do not favor open carry, but there are plenty of instances of law-abiding concealed carriers going through similar experiences? How would you handle either scenario? Share your answers in the comment section.

Open Carry Texas is a gun rights activist group founded after his arrest and supported by other open carry gun rights groups across the nation. is a comprehensive litigation protection membership covering individuals, families and businesses in regards to personal protection with the use of any weapon in all 50 states, U.S. Territories and Tribal Lands.

For more information on the National Association for Legal Gun Defense please visit:

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  • Sal


    I really don’t know what to say. It’s clear the man got harassed by the police officers. He was doing nothing wrong. The police officer said they got a call of a man with a rifle doing something wrong. Who ever took the call should’ve asked what the man with the rifle was doing wrong. If Texas is an open carry state. Then someone walking down the street with a gun shouldn’t be considered unusual or harassing in anyway. The police officer told him he’s going to make sure he has the right to carry a gun. This man was doing nothing wrong and now he has the police investigating him and lying about what has happened. I seen no resisting in the video at all. I just see a Citizen asking why he is being man handled and treated like a criminal when he is following the law. If a police officer doesn’t know the law then he shouldn’t be enforcing them. To arrest this man and charge him with resisting is clearly over kill and harassing him. The charges should be thrown out and the officer involved should be reprimanded. If an officer feels threatened when a citizen has a gun then maybe they shouldn’t be an officer.


  • Nathan


    You can criticize how the guy handled it all you want, and that’s fine all the way until those officers decided they needed to arrest him to save face. The man knew what his rights were. He was pissed off because he and his son weren’t doing anything wrong. Those cops should have turned him loose, with his firearms once they checked him out. If they really were responding to a call, once they made contact and saw that he wasn’t breaking any laws, that should have been the end of it. The officers had a bruised ego and decided they would show that man just how much power they had over him. It’s a shame this made had to fight these people for multiple years. I’m glad he got his rights back, but this never should have happened in the first place.


  • Dodge Native


    The cop had no right to touch his rifle. That was an unwarranted aggressive move by a dumb cop. According to the posters here I guess he should have pulled his pants down in front of his kid and let the cop dehumanize him. Dumb cops that use their departments to cover their mistakes is why people have such a bad feeling towards them.


  • P.R.


    The LEOs had no idea who he was, he would not give them his I.D. I support ALL Vets BUT I support ALL LEOS Also. All the Vet had to do was answer the Officers questions and show him his I.D. and he would’ve been on his way….just like the Officer said. With so many LEOS getting shot doing a very low paid job, I’m shocked that Anyone e would have an issue with this. I want to bear & keep my Firearms and I will as long as I comply with laws and LEOs. Vet should’ve kept his cool and it’s No One Else’s Fault that He talked his way into handcuffs and lost his weapons for a few months. Comply, Answer questions, Keep yourCool b/c YES, we have a Right to our Weapons BUT LEOs have a Right to Safely “Do Their Jobs w/o All the Drama…just sayin.


  • john creveling


    The guy was within his rights to carry openly HOWEVER if he had simply kept his hands away from his weapons and had a calm conversation with the deputy all of this could have been avoided.The cop does not know who this guy is or his mental state or intentions.but he shouldn’t have gone and grabbed the rifle.Call for back up stand back and have a conversation get ID and run him and if clear send him on his way.No drama,law suits or court fees.


  • 4545s


    Never argue with police.
    Cooperate completely, whether right or wrong.
    In Pa. The police are not allowed according to the states Constitution to even question you about a open carried firearm.


    “The right of the citizens to bear arms in defense of themselves and the State shall not be questioned.”

    Doesn’t mean if a Leo is responding to a call about you and your open carry.

    Still do not argue, and comply.

    Let the questions be decided at later time.


  • Chris Bergen


    Yep, should have just shut up and taken the abuse. And Rosa Parks should have just moved to the back of the bus…

    At SOME point, we must DEMAND our rights or we will surely lose them…


  • Shadow


    Hope he filed a civil suit against the dumb ass cops. many cops are bullying dipshits.


  • Duece


    Another a-hole loses an argument with a LEO. Only pays a 1,567 day penalty for the debate and $$$. Be respectful to the police even when they are wrong. Good lesson for the Eagle Scout.


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