Savage Arms Announces the Return of the Model 42

By CTD Rob published on in News

The Savage Combination Gun is Back

The venerable Savage Model 24 has been reincarnated as the new Savage Model 42. Long hailed as the ultimate survivalist gun on online forums, fans of the old Model 24 are going to love the new and improved Model 42.
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Configured with a deadly accurate .22 LR barrel over a wickedly effective .410 bore and fitted with a durable synthetic stock, the Model 42 is rugged simplicity defined. The Model 42 is the perfect companion on long walks in the woods with your pockets loaded with virtually limitless supplies of ammo. It’s also the perfect kick-around-camp gun as plinkers can shoot to their heart’s content affordably. Being the responsible company that we are, we can’t call the Model 42 a toy, but we can say without hesitation that it’s fun as hell.

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